The alleged thief-the loser was detained by the police


A curious incident occurred in Kharkov. 34-year-old man broke down the door and snuck into a private house. In the process of housing robbery suspect found home-made wine, which he drank directly into the scene. However, the man has not calculated own forces, and fell asleep, never leaving the robbed house. It is reported


  • In Kiev, the thief tried to drag a container for hazardous waste

It is known that when the owner returned home, he found sleeping in a chair by an unknown man. The landlord called the police, the unfortunate suspect was detained and delivered in Shevchenkovsky police station for further investigation.

Earlier we reported about how in Lviv the thief-the loser is stuck in the ventilation window. It happened when the man tried to flee the scene of the crime, he did not calculate its own dimensions and the size of the opening in the end stuck in the ventilation window. At the same time, his colleague, partner in crime, was hiding in the basement with the stolen “goods”. As it turned out, one of the suspects was already convicted for theft and drugs.