Heels – birthmark sexism or symbol of pride?

Heels – birthmark sexism or symbol of pride?

Stud Melanie

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Taught by bitter experience of Bush, whose rating was in 2005, irretrievably ruined the impression that he is not acutely sympathetic to the victims of hurricane Katrina, Donald trump is now twice flew to the flooded hurricane “Harvey” areas of Texas and made all the right moves.

Media, which hoped that “Harvey” will do to trump what he did with Bush and Katrina, not confused and scraped a number of flaws in the behavior of trump during his visits to the disaster area. For example, he said after the first that was shocked by the view of the Texas floods, and my colleagues immediately retorted that trump didn’t admit to the water, and it is why the flood not seen. So, again, lied.

I am personally most impressed by the claim is not directed to the Trump and his wife Melania, who had sat down in “air force one” on their way to the victims, “Harvey”, in high heels. This circumstance caused a bout of hysterics at the talking heads, although in the plane the Melanya change to sneakers.

Evil tongues said that it was not French sneakers cost $ 450, which, in 2009, sported Michelle Obama at the event for the fight against poverty.

According to publicist Denise McAllister in the journal “the Federalist”, in fact stud Melanie have long been a target of attacks of our liberal “police mod” which constantly tries to portray trump’s sexist. I note for justice that in his case it is not very difficult.

Naively I thought our mean girls attached to the studs of the first lady because they looked awkward on the way to the disaster area. Surazno would look not even sneakers and rubber boots. It turned out, however, that is not the case, and that the studs are generally the birthmark of the Patriarchy and sexist oppression of women.

The Melanya with the same success could get oneself in them the way to the Opera or social events – it would still shamed.

In early August, journalist Nina Burleigh published in “Newswire” column about stilettos worn by Melania and Ivanka trump. She noticed that “the ubiquitous studs” that the ladies wear trump, mark “some trambitsky trend” normalize “shoes beauty contests” and are a form of Patriarchal oppression of women.

Burleigh became famous in 1998, when she flew on the same “Board number one” and drew attention to the fact that bill Clinton is a carnivore staring at her feet.

She then said “Washington post” that “I’d love to (made him a sexual act that does not require undressing – VK) only for what he gave to ban abortion. I believe that American women should be lining up in their presidential knee pads to thank him for what he has not allowed the theocracy to take advantage of us”.

That is Burley versed in the sexist exploitation of women. She is quoted in an article by the anthropologist, which proves that the wearing of stilettos is sort of a ritual mating. According to this scholar, “high heels push the buttocks and curve the back in a natural arc for mammals seductive – in fact, sovokupleniya – posture called “lordosis”.

Santa Claus brought lordosis. I am a poet – you didn’t know it.

“So behave rat – continues anthropologist – so are lions, well behaved dog. It is a natural sexy posture that men immediately interpret as a willingness to have sex. Heels is a signal in the spirit of “take me I’m yours”.

As Burley writes, this view is shared by historians Shoe: “the First women who wore high heels were Italian prostitutes of the seventeenth century when they borrowed them, together with Smoking friends male. From there, they became a sexy symbol. High heels constantly found in Victorian porn. Studs (“stilettos” in English – from the Italian “dagger”) was introduced in the Arsenal of women’s fashion in the 1950s”.

In fact, high heels walked men and women of noble families in ancient Egypt, in order to differ from commoners. The high growth was a symbol of power.

Courtesans of the XVI century, indeed, was pacing in high heels, but because I wanted to be more like men. The Grand priestesses of love were granted access to the men’s society, which traditionally has been denied to other women. To better fit into it, courtesans adopted men’s habits, and habits such as wearing pants.

Men wore high heels for various reasons. In Persia the XV century, for example, they were the horsemen, as they helped to keep the stronger leg in the stirrups and shoot at full gallop from the bow.

European aristocrats wore high heels for the same purpose that the ancient Egyptians: they wanted to rise above the crowd – and street dirt.

Louis XIV, whose height was miserable 162.5 cm, wore them to appear taller. Even Lenin was above that of Louis (2.5 cm). Venus de Milo was with Lenin.

Women began to wear high heels to enhance their sexual attractiveness only in the XIX century, when the French pornographers put them on studs bulging buttocks. For this purpose, wear them to this day.

Women trump wear them proudly. On their I haven’t seen them. Alas.

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