On the handball European championship our team lost all three games.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine on handball Sergey Babeshko resigned after relegation from the championship. This was announced by the President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk.

“Our result at the European Championships unsatisfactory. The team was impressed, but no result. Our players are very important to overcome the worst that is in each of us – is the uncertainty, lack of faith in yourself.

In return, all the best had to let out his anger, the warrior spirit, the belief that we can win. Unfortunately, this is what we lacked: faith, psychology.

We will now summarize, is to reboot. In the men’s and women’s teams will be a work psychologist is a specialist with a great name. Will work now in this direction, because our team has everything to win. Now we need to fix the psychology. The winner is the one who has more faith in yourself and in your success.

Sergey Bebeshko we thanked for the work. Thanks to him, we got on the European championship. After our participation in the tournament Sergey wrote a statement that he leaves post of head coach of Ukraine. We can only thank him – his work is really appreciable.

Also, there have been changes in the coaching staff of the women’s national team of Ukraine. For the post of chief coach of the team appointed Honored coach of Ukraine Boris Chizhov. He has already fully engaged in the performance of their duties.

We thanked now former coach Natalia Lyapina as she did a great job and we stay with her in good terms. But we need a result, it is not. The women’s team, the difficult situation in the selection for the 2020 European championship, but the chances of success remain. So you need to perform your job and to get into the final part,” said Andrew Miller.

We will remind, the Ukrainian national team at the European championship and lost all three games: Northern Macedonia, Austria and the Czech Republic. The team Bebeshko showed pretty good game.

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