HC “Donbass” lost to “Cracovia” in the penalty shootout

Photo: hcdonbass.com

Donetsk hockey club “Donbass” took off from the semi-finals of the Continental Cup, the official website of the Ukrainian club.

In the final semifinal match of group F, which took place on 17 November, “Donbass” lost the Polish of “Cracovia” in the penalty shootout with the score 0:3, main time of the match ended with the result 1:1.

Concede in the penalty shootout “Cracovia” and complete the struggle for the continental Cup this season.

Nevertheless, thank you guys for the game and the fight!#HCDonbass #ContinentalCup pic.twitter.com/KwOWPAinVP

— HC Donbass (@hcdonbass) 17 Nov 2019

After the third round of “Cracovia”, “Donbass” and the Belarusian “Neman” have the assets of five points. In the Grand final of the tournament came the Polish and the Belarusian team for the best results of personal meetings. The Ukrainian club finished third.