Google created a Doodle in honor of the 44th anniversary of hip-hop

Photo: Google Doodle screenshot dedicated to the 44-year anniversary of the hip-hop genre

With his help, the company told the story of a musical genre.

Google has created a Doodle dedicated to the 44-year-old birthday of hip-hop. In Doodle American rapper Fab 5 Freddy tells the history of the genre.

As described in the video, in 1973 the Jamaican DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx organized a party to celebrate the new school year. During the party he used two plates, extending the instrumental losses. In the end, the resulting style has been called “breakdance”.

In addition, rapper Fab 5 Freddy offers to the Internet users themselves to become a DJ, selecting records, and creating your own mixes.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that Google has launched a smart newsfeed based on user interests.

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