Good morning to stomach: scientists have named products that can’t eat on an empty stomach

Coffee on an empty stomach will cause lack of energy, and bran — iron deficiency

On an empty stomach is bad there are even some benefits such as fruits and vegetables, and drink at least healing mineral water. Photo: pixabay.com

It turns out that even such absolute Champions Goodies like fruits and vegetables, and less healthy bran oatmeal, eaten immediately after waking up, can spoil the “mood” stomach for the whole day! Why is it that even we should not use fasting and how to neutralize or reduce the severity of many of your favorite products, we asked Ludmila Denisenko, known nutritionist, member of the European Association for the study of obesity.

  • Cold water and mineral water with gas — the path to intoxication

Water below room temperature will constrict the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract, and subsequent digestion of the Breakfast will be hampered. And poorly digested food (if a “cold shower” for the digestive tract in the morning regular) is a condition for increasing the level of toxins in the blood. The same effect will have mineral water with carbonic acid, though the gases irritate the stomach: mineral water on an empty stomach is possible only by the physician. If not, drink plain warm water slowly, in small SIPS, stretching for a glass of water not less than a couple of minutes.

  • Coffee and chocolate — the development of duodenitis and inflammation of the pancreas gland

By morning, the body increases the level of adrenaline, and so he launches himself into the work. The caffeine in coffee will grossly interfere in this process. Consequence — the loss of strength after overstimulation.

In addition, caffeine increases the secretion of gastric juice, causing indigestion and gastritis — aggravate it. A similar effect has chocolate: in response to high-fat and bright taste stomach produces a large amount of juices of the gastrointestinal tract. But he has nothing to digest, and as a result, pancreatic enzymes “eat” themselves, which leads to swelling and inflammation of this organ. Chocolate can be eaten after a meal, in the morning, not more than six boxes of tiles per day.

Another property of coffee to stimulate the secretion of bile into the duodenum. But why is there bile in the absence of food? It threatens to duodenitis — inflammation of the duodenum 12, because the bile will flow into the empty gut and irritate its walls.

Drink coffee (only natural) to four cups (150 ml) and only a “bit of sugar” with food.

  • Smoked and semi-smoked sausages, — stimulation of development of allergies

Morning many busy people starts with a sandwich of smoked or smoked sausage. If to put outside the brackets monopolisent salt, TRANS fats, starches, and E-additives in the sausages (adding liver to remove the chemical), in such products there is another harm — histamine regularly eaten on an empty stomach, it causes the development of inflammatory reactions, i.e. allergies.

  • Bran oatmeal — the road to anemia, constipation and dehydration

The bran contained in whole grain, “pull” the water, and if not complied with drinking regime (less than 30 ml/kg of body weight per day) increases the risk of constipation, problems with stomach acidity and irritation of intestines.

Also regular consumption of bran on an empty stomach can lead to iron deficiency anemia. And phytic acid in the composition of the bran interferes with the absorption of calcium.

But since bran work on the principle of sorbents, and also swelled in the stomach, giving a feeling of fullness, they can be used to clean the body and to reduce weight: no longer than 14 days (up to 1 tbsp per day) and other foods.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables and bloating for half a day

The morning started with fresh fruit and vegetables as separate dishes, fraught with irritation of the mucous of the stomach, intestines and the occurrence of swelling in it, which may persist for half a day. Culprits — organic acid (for a hungry stomach almost the equivalent of drinking vinegar) and coarse fiber in natural vitamins.
Fruits and vegetables can be eaten for lunch or at first, but with cereal or cottage cheese, as well as between meals: 40 minutes or 1.5 hour after.

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