Gavrilova said that in the Cabinet she was given an official response

Photo: Lydia Gavrilova / Facebook

The head of the State auditing service of Ukraine denies the influence of the Cabinet of Ministers on the court in her case. She stated this to journalists on February 12, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“When I started trials, I accordingly addressed a letter to the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is the governing body of the State audit service, with a request to provide me an official response,” said Gavrilova.

She stressed that everyone has the right to submit to the court its official response.

“What says the prosecution that this pressure on my part, I believe, on the contrary, that this pressure from the prosecution today pressed the Secretariat of the Cabinet because they had fulfilled their mandate and have provided an official response,” said Gavrilova.

The Cabinet of Ministers Gavrilov was appointed to the post of head of Gosnautilus in July 2015. Before appointment she held the position of Deputy Director of the Department of control in the sphere of material production and financial services. The previous head of the Inspectorate Nikolay Gordiyenko was dismissed with scandal.

23 January 2018 detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) reported Gavrilova of suspicion of illicit enrichment in the amount of about UAH 10 million and the Declaration of false data. According to the investigation, the official from 2015 to 2017 bought an apartment and two Parking spaces in Kiev, SUV 2016 release, expensive furniture and equipment. During a search of apartment of the official detectives NABOO found gold bars and cash in the amount of $112.8 thousand and €8.5 million

Gavrilova said that open in its relation to criminal proceedings is a personal vendetta by one of the leaders of NABOO.

25 Jan Solomensky district court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint for the official in the form of personal commitments.

On 29 January, the court refused to dismiss Gavrilov from office. The suspect’s lawyers called the court decision “fairly legal”, and prosecutors SAP announced the intention to appeal the verdict.

At SAP, said that representatives of the Executive authorities of Ukraine intervened in the Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv during consideration of the case official.

“The special attention is deserved to the specific fact of granting by the defense in the meeting in support of his argument the letter, signed by the leaders of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, alleging inappropriate and the lack of grounds for the dismissal of the Chairman of Gosnautilus”, – reported in the specialized Prosecutor’s office.

On 12 February the Appeal court of Kiev postponed consideration of the complaint SAP to failure to discharge Gavrilov from office on 1 March.