Game of thrones. Where they shot a phenomenal series

Photo: mystaff.one king’s landing is filmed in Croatia

The new season of the popular series saw American audiences.

The seventh season of Game of thrones began July 16 on HBO. The most popular show of modern times has surpassed the book series a Song of Ice and fire, so nobody knows what will happen next – favorite characters are once again to die and not be resurrected.

Game of thrones has revived the fantasy and showed that the viewer is able over the years to keep in mind the hundreds of characters and hundreds of causal relationships.

Корреспондент.net decided to remember where he starred in all seasons of Game of thrones.


Winterfell in Scotland and Ireland

Ancestral house stark Winterfell in reality, the castle ward, the 18th century in Northern Ireland and the medieval fortress of Dun in Scotland.

King’s landing in Croatia and Malta

The capital of the Seven kingdoms is the town of port Royal Harbor, which was shot mostly in Croatia.

Port of king’s landing were filmed in Croatia, in Dubrovnik, the old part of which is a castle with a thick wall, abutting into the sea.

Close to Lovrijenac fortress, which in Game of thrones appeared in the form of red castle – the residence of the Royal family of Baratheon and Lannister.

However, the garden of the red castle is found about ten kilometers from Dubrovnik, in the village of Trsteno.

Shameful restive Queen Cersei Lannister was shot in the Croatian city of Split in Diocletian’s Palace.

The Croatian village of Ston, which preserved the five-kilometer kreposta wall also became part of the Royal harbour.

However, in the first season of Game of thrones, the capital of the Seven kingdoms was filmed in Malta. So, Fort Ricasoli, built by the knights in the 17th century, became the Red castle.

The narrow sea from Europe to Africa

In the Palace of Verdal in the summer residence of the President of Malta took the first scene involving Daenerys.

The house of the undying, where the warlocks of Qarth were also shot in the Croatian Dubrovnik. The Minčeta tower was fit to be the abode of the mysterious sorcerers of Game of thrones.

Also in Croatia, in the fortress of Klis, removed the scene of the crucifixion of free gentlemen of the city of Meereen.

Bay of rabotorgovtsev found in Morocco. The role of the cities of Yunkai and Pentos made the fortified city of Aït-Ben-Haddou, a hundred kilometers from Marrakech. It is under UNESCO protection.

The port city of Morocco, from Essaouira in the Game of thrones became the city of Astapor, where Daenerys got the unsullied army.

The seventh season of Game of thrones

Judging by the trailers of the new season of Game of thrones Daenerys will sail to the castle of Dragonstone, who in the story is in Seven korolestva.

In reality is the temple Mussenden in Northern Ireland, built in 1785 by the Bishop of Derry as a library.


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