The tanker ran aground in November 2019


Delfi from the tanker which sank near the beach in Odessa during a storm in November 2019, began to pour the fuel. About it reports the local edition “Duma”.

The stain of the spill began to spread in the direction of the beach with the tourists.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

In Department of municipal economy of the Odessa city Council told the newspaper that quickly brought on the scene sorbent and localized spill of fuel.

“We are working with the tourists: people explain that swimming in the sea impossible. Specialists made the measurements of water quality,” writes “Duma”.

The evening of November 20 because of bad weather the tanker was torn from its anchors. He tried to take in tow, but the storm failed to do so. Delfi slowly drifted near the beach “Dolphin”, not yet aground. He turned over, the ship was flooded.

Three sailors from the tanker – citizens of Ukraine, they were evacuated on November 22. According to media reports, the tanker Delfi could be involved in the smuggling of oil.

After a shipwreck, the oil content of the waters has become more the norm in 157 times.

Militiamen opened criminal proceedings on the fact of accident of the tanker Delfi.