Former adviser to the President made a deal with the justice system

Former adviser to the President made a deal with the justice system

Recognition of General Flynn

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Friday 1 December, there was something long expected from special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. One of the main suspects in the case of pre-election conspiracy, Michael Flynn, was charged in the accusation in court in which he pleaded guilty. General Flynn has pledged to cooperate fully with the investigation and not to challenge the verdict.

Robert Mueller and Michael Flynn

In the indictment, only one point. Flynn is accused not of illegal contacts with the Russian government, but the fact that he lied to an FBI agent who asked him about these contacts. In the U. S. this crime was formulated as a conscious and deliberate withholding or falsification of facts in order to mislead the competent authority. Such deception involve deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years and a fine of half a million dollars.

Flynn’s false statements concerned his telephone conversations with then Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak 28, 29 and 31 December last year. The General claimed that they congratulated each other a happy New year. May be congratulated, but the main content of calls was the decision of President Obama to impose new sanctions against Russia and 35 to expel Russian diplomats. Flynn asked Moscow to refrain from the symmetric response. Moscow abstained.

About these contacts is the General and the Ambassador became aware of the leak, published 12 Jan. The future press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer and Vice-President Mike Pence, citing assurances Flynn, denied that the two sides discussed the sanctions. On 20 January, the day of his inauguration, Donald trump has appointed Flynn as his adviser on national security. And 23rd Flynn was an FBI agent with questions about conversations with the Ambassador. Flynn lied, not knowing that the conversations recorded for the FBI. On 25 January, the acting U.S. attorney Sally Yates brought the transcript to the White house. February 13, after a desperate attempt to save Flynn, he still had to resign.

Commenting on his dismissal, the President continued to call him “a beautiful person”, which is only slightly wrong: it was not worth to cheat, Vice-President, because the General “did bad”. The deception of the FBI, the President then did not say anything, although now claims that took Flynn for that. The President, however, knew that the FBI is investigating the actions of Flynn, and the investigation he was greatly disturbed. On February 14, when he was alone with the then FBI Director James Comey, trump, according to Komi, asked him to close the case. The President denies it. Anyway, Komi Republic it is not closed and may was dismissed. A few days later the first Deputy Minister of justice Race, Rosenstein appointed spectracolor to investigate “Regata”.

Robert Mueller before showing Flynn the charge, collected materials relating to his lobbying activities in favor of Turkey. In these episodes to criminal prosecution could be brought by the son of a General. To avoid this, the General has pled guilty to lie to the FBI. Now the question is what he’ll tell the result.

“Flynn couldn’t ask anything of Sergey Ivanovich (Kislyak. — V. A.), and the more those requests could not be brought to the President of Russia, is absurd, stated in Moscow, the press Secretary of President Putin Dmitry Peskov. The decision was taken by Putin in this case, it was his decision, and it could not be associated with any requests or recommendations.”

Absolutely true, could not, on its own behalf. Such a request to the President to pass. She had come from persons of the same level, that is, from the elected President. This is now being questioned Flynn. The investigation has electronic correspondence councillors trump, which shows that they negatively reacted to new sanctions. It is unlikely that this topic was not discussed with the elected President. In any case, he watched her and praised Putin for his mild reaction.

And the White house and the Kremlin in one voice told that the contacts Flynn Kislyak was nothing illegal. Indeed, why would the councillors elected President not to start to establish international contacts for three weeks before his inauguration?

But then why the General found it necessary to hide them, and when the fact that the telephone conversations revealed, to distort their content?

Acknowledgements Flynn in addition to the sanctions is another topic of his talks with the Ambassador – the draft UN security Council resolution condemning Israel’s construction of settlements in the territories, which the UN considers occupied. On this issue, Flynn called Kislyak 22 and 23 December. The General asked Russia to vote against the draft, or at least delay the vote. According to the Agency Bloomberg News, Flynn in this case acted at the direction of Jared Kushner, son-in-law and a senior adviser to trump. The Ambassador could do nothing to help Flynn. On 23 December the resolution was adopted. USA abstained.

Some experts argue that here there is a violation of the Logan act, which States that an individual, not clothed with sufficient powers has the right to enter into negotiations with a foreign power and to achieve a result contrary to the policy of his government. Others say the law, passed in the eighteenth century, have not been used and therefore has become a dead letter. But they argue the phrase from Shakespeare’s play “measure for Measure”: “the Law is not dead, he just sleeping”.

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