The man has never resorted to plastic surgery, and “eternal youth” is obliged to the way of life and thinking.

A resident of the Netherlands Edson Brandao at 53 looks half my age. The secret of his appearance, the man shared the Unilad.

“Forever young” Edson brandão notes that people are shocked when they find out how old he is. Age men rarely appreciate above 25 years.

The assurances Brandao, he has never resorted to plastic surgery. The secret of his “eternal youth” he believes the right nutrition, skin care and positive thinking.

A resident of the Netherlands performs daily strength exercises. He also do not consume sugar, canned foods and fried foods. Brandao leads a healthy lifestyle: do not smoke or do drugs.

The man claims that he feels the same energy as in his youth. According to him, he never felt so good.

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