“For me it was a big blow.” Zakharov told, who wanted to work in the foreign Ministry

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the Ministry she wanted to get a job as a sinologist, but she refused due to the lack of a job, that was a great shock to her. She reported about it in interview to TV channel “the World”, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Photo: Russian foreign Ministry

Zakharov noted that the position of press Secretary at the foreign Ministry was not the work she dreamed of. She told me that she wanted to be a sinologist, because the University is studied to be an orientalist, but when she came to the Ministry after graduation, she was told that there’s no, and took to work in the press office. “For me it was a big blow. Imagine what five years to learn Chinese, to do research work in this direction and to failure,” — said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

Speaking about his appointment to the post of representative of the foreign Ministry, Zakharova said its not specifically chosen due to the fact that she is a woman, “they say there is no such a face”. Zakharova said that the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs “of artificial stimulation gender balance”, but there is “understanding” that positions should be taken by professionals, regardless of gender or “or”.”Yes, I won the lottery, but I bought all the tickets,” she said.

The foreign Ministry spokesman said that working irregular hours. “We have long working hours, we can be invited to work and at seven in the morning, and at eight, the day ends when the user says”, — said Zakharov.

The representative of the foreign Ministry noted that the appointment to this position, her life has not changed, in addition to the appearance of the official car. Zakharov said that goes to the same stores, “that’s all.” “I didn’t do anything special, I had no concept, no image, but I intentionally called himself a civil servant,” she said.

As reported on the website of the MFA of Russia, Zakharov in 1998 graduated from Moscow state University in the specialty “Journalist”. She knows English and Chinese languages. The Ministry of foreign Affairs Zakharova performed the duties of head of the operational monitoring Department of media Department of information and press, then from 2005 to 2008 headed the press service of Russia’s Permanent mission to the UN in new York. From 2008 to 2011 she held various positions at the foreign Ministry. The representative of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs Zakharov began in August of 2015.

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