FIFA has fined Russia for “discriminatory banner” for the 2018 world Cup

Also fines for different violation of the world Cup was imposed on the football Federation of Serbia, Mexico and Morocco.

The international football Federation has fined the Russian football Union on 10 thousand Swiss francs for discriminatory behavior of fans during a match of Russian national team of Uruguay.

A penalty after Russian fans “showed discriminatory banner after losing team”. What kind of banner it is, is not specified.

Russia lost to Uruguay with the score 3:0 in the last match of the group stage of the world Cup. Both teams reached the playoffs.

In addition, Football Association of Serbia was fined 20 thousand Swiss francs for a banner with political overtones and offensive to the match against Brazil.

Football Federation of Mexico fined 15 thousand Swiss francs for the fact that the fans threw objects on the pitch during the match with Sweden.

The football Federation of Morocco fined 65 thousand Swiss francs with a warning for the fact that six members of the technical staff left in the field after the final whistle, and also for the fact that the fans threw objects on the field.

Football Federation of Egypt received a warning for not providing a presence at the post-match press conference Mohamed Salah as the best player in the match with Saudi Arabia.

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