Femen activist attacked the Czech President Zeman, called the journalist “the Ukrainian truth”

Femen activist will stand trial in the Czech Republic

Photo: EPA

The Ukrainian activist movement Femen Angelina Diaz, detained for the attack on the incumbent President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman, was presented by the journalist of “the Ukrainian truth”. This became known from letters addressed to the publications from the Czech police.

The police reported that the detained after the protest, an activist for identification provided the editorial license of “the Ukrainian truth”.

The publication States that “this person is not working in UE and never worked.”

“The Ukrainian truth” emphasizes that the document, which was provided by the Dias, is fake, as such registration number does not exist, and editorial license edition look different.

Screenshot: pravda.com.ua

12 Jan Femen activist with the inscription on the naked breast “Zeman – Putin’s whore” held a protest at a polling station in the Czech Republic, where the presidential election voted for the current President.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish called unacceptable the incident with the activist of Femen.

Dias was detained for 48 hours. The activist declared suspicion in Commission of crime under article “hooliganism”. Soon she must appear before the court.

The 12th and 13th of January in the Czech Republic held presidential elections.

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