Hackers are not afraid to publish intimate photos of female fighters and wrestlers and Olympic champion hacked with the legendary golfer

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The outgoing year definitively proved that in the modern world for privacy the place was nearly empty, and to store private photos of an intimate nature in the smartphone – not the best option. The first and most notorious case of publication of private photos occurred in 2014, when the victims of hackers were more than twenty well-known actors, musicians and athletes. But in 2017, many top athletes have suffered from hackers: their “naked” photos were posted online for everyone to see.

Lindsey Vonn
USA, ski, 33 years

Most of the injured star could be called the strongest in the history of the skier Lindsey Vonn. Photos of Olympic champion in Vancouver 2010 and one of the sexiest athletes in the world stole from her phone. On some pictures Vonn naked pictures “walk” in the network so far, despite attempts to stop them spreading and lawsuits. Interestingly, the phone hackers found not only intimate photos of American athletes, but legendary golfer tiger woods, with whom Lindsay met from 2013 to 2015.

Recently Lindsey Vonn asked me to allow her to compete with men. The Olympic champion is confident in his abilities and want to participate in men’s competitions at the world Cup.

Nora Mørk
Norway, handball, 26 years

Star of Norwegian handball, Nora mørk after the theft by hackers of photos of an intimate nature and their distribution in the network fell into a depression.

“My life has changed dramatically. I cut off from everyone, my self-esteem disappeared. Every day was exhausting. This is hard to admit. I don’t think people realize what they’re doing with the person. When it happened, I immediately wanted to buy a plane ticket, fly to the other end of the world and stay there until Christmas. However, I immediately realized that, if I flee, then the attacker will win, but I don’t want anything stopped me on the way to his dream – to become the best handball player of the world,” said Nora mørk.

For six years in the national team of Norway, the young athlete won the world championship, three European Championships and the bronze medal of the Olympic games in Rio 2016.

In December of this year, the hole with the Norwegian team reached the world Cup final, where they lost to the French. Merk in the final match scored 7 points and became the best in his team.

Angela Magana
USA, MMA fighter, 34

Angela, nicknamed “Your Majesty” in the UFC has lost their last five games. But the girl in the world of mixed martial arts is now known no longer by their results, and candid photographs that became public in spring 2017.

“Leaked photos not porn. These are pictures taken before and after workouts, when I was preparing for battle. And art photos in the mountains and mud lakes. The FBI will investigate this case,” said Magana after the break. Several of the pictures the girl depicted is completely without clothes.

Ashley Fler
USA, wrestling, 31

The wrestler in the second generation was a bit not in the ring, and the hackers who stole intimate photos of women athletes, calling themselves Charlotte Fler. These photos Fler pictures of yourself in the mirror completely naked.

“My private photos were stolen and published without my consent. These images must be removed immediately from the Internet” – wrote the athlete on Twitter. But the photos, posted online in may 2017, is still available in the network.

Barn Bevis
England, wrestling, 25 years

British wrestler, acting under the pseudonym of Paige. At the age of 21 became the youngest champion in the history of the WWE. Wrestling with 13 years, but now took a break because of injury.

From Bevis, which is called one of the most attractive brunettes in the sport, stole not only pictures, but videos of a private nature. They Shed at least two “partners” in the world of wrestling, and at the same time.

Pearl Gonzalez
USA, MMA fighter, 31

Career American mixed martial arts fighter pearl Gonzalez nearly ended in April 2017, when the Athletic Commission in new York forbade her to speak due to silicone implants in the breast. Gonzalez filed a protest and to defend their right to hold fights.

And in summer, pearl Gonzalez was the victim of hackers who posted a free access to her home library with pictures workout girl-UFC fighter holds without underwear.

Today, on account of Gonzalez 6 wins and 3 defeats in the MMA ring. In 2017 she had two fights and both lost.

Kaylin Curran
USA, MMA fighter, 26 years

A spokeswoman for the Hawaii Kaylin Curran in August saw their photos on the Internet. A spokeswoman for the women’s Flyweight division, UFC on them in a piquant underwear, and more – without him.

Fraudsters hacked gadgets Curran and got to her photo, which then showed the world. Over the past two years, Curran has been in the UFC four games and all lost.

Mary Kanellis
USA, wrestling, 35 years

Famous girl wrestler, American model and singer Maria Kanellis were attacked by hackers in January, and the images appeared portions for 2017. The crooks stole the stars photos of intimate content. Interestingly, the victim is now in her sixth month of pregnancy.

In 2008, a photo of Kanellis put on the cover of Playboy magazine. In her spare time she is working on fashion design and is involved in charity work.

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