“Fans”: the Ukrainian fans give the Scorpions cartoons and buying their tools at auction

Dolls, Scorpions made of wool, “skorpo”-family and guitar for Klitschko

At the airport. Dotsenko wife and their son Igor escorted the musicians in “Borispol”. In the hands of the “Scorpio” — dolls made by Nadia

This year we continue the publication of the special project “Fans” who fell in love with the readers of “Today”. About how to show your interest in idols to their fans in Ukraine, where you find rare records and books, which give gifts, we will tell each month.

In previous releases of a project, it was about the fans of Elvis Presley, Freddie mercury, the king of pop Michael Jackson and Queen of scandal — singer Madonna.

This time in the lens — those who have long and faithfully loves everything to do with the band Scorpions. Fans of Hannover five told us amazing stories about how a hobby band became the beginning of a relationship, what gifts to musicians, they gave, as communicated with the idols. Also, traditionally we have asked, what do you think about Scorpions Ukrainians of different generations.

Oleg and Hope: “it turns Out, we were “married” Scorpions”

If the legendary band has announced a competition of stories among the fans, family Dotsenko from Kiev probably would have won. And it all began… In 1997, student Hope a guy invited to a concert of the Scorpions — when the musicians first performed in Ukraine.

We were both fans of the band, but no more than that, recalls Nadya. — The concert was incredible, sounded our favorite rock ballads, there was an atmosphere of euphoria and joy at the same time, the concerts of famous groups was the event! With the national stadium (the current Olympic stadium. — Ed.) we went actually a couple: the day our relationship began… At the wedding, during the dance of the bride and groom, of course, sounded our favorite Scorpions song Still Loving You.

As Nadia at the time, finished a special school with an English bias, it was clear not only to the whole depth of the music, but the lyrics on rock ballads “Scorpio”. In the 90s, fans had to be satisfied with recordings on cassettes.

We copied them from each other, rewound, listened to the holes of laughs, Hope. — Therefore, the concerts in Ukraine became the real gift for us. In 2011 the group was in Donetsk. The organizers held a contest: you had to answer questions on the history of the Scorpions and tell us why we should meet them at the airport. I won and was in the group of greeters.

In Donetsk, the fans gave the musicians and vintage records, posters, paintings. A 15-year-old Marina from Sumy Nesterenko at a press conference presented the Klaus meine his portrait, written by her. Rocker was moved and kissed the girl pictures of him with Marina flew over all media. Generally, in Donetsk, “the Scorpion” were photographed with fans and signing autographs.


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Nadia Dotsenko also came not empty-handed:

I wanted to thank the group for the opportunity to listen to their music, and at the last moment came the idea to make a gift… the doll. She was very funny and naked “fifth point” (smiles) Is that fate did not turn his back on them! Since to every concert in Ukraine (and my husband was at all!) I cook “Scorpio” gifts. For example, BestCityFestival in the river, the headliner was the legendary group that brought five scorpionica, matted wool. One in the legs — the microphone, the other drum sticks, and the rest of the guitar. Handed gifts to everyone, the enthusiasm was indescribable!

When the elder son Igor was 10 years old, he first came with us to the concert of Scorpions. He was so excited that asked for it in “Borispol” — to accompany a group. Of course, the musicians got to know us, their loyal fans. The gift — five portrait dolls with the faces of musicians — son handed Klaus meine. But us the mourners for some reason was not, and… we got all the attention! “Scorpio” received him with incredible warmth: hugged, touched, took pictures, thanked — it was a fantastic day for our family! The child then said, “I didn’t think they so good…

Once Nadia had failed to pass on their gift to idols: during their visit to Kiev in November 2017.

Every gift is an incredible creative torments and sleepless nights. This time right before the concert it dawned on me: the pigeons! Once saw Klaus on sleeve picture of this bird and decided to make for all musicians pigeons. This symbol of peace, and my husband relationship and a sign of freedom… well, next time will be awarded necessarily. When I set the goal, then achieve it. And this, too, can learn from “Scorpio” — they started from nothing, put in all your money in the early 70’s German press did not take the Scorpions, who played English and American rock. In turn, the British media dubbed the tour group in 1975, “blitzkrieg”, alluding to the fascist past of Germany. But they survived and conquered the world. Their music is life, makes you think and feel, and this is the secret of longevity of the Scorpions.

Oleg and Nadia are sure to love one group attaches to their relationship stability and inspiration. And on June 17, 1997 — the day of the first concert in the Ukraine — considered the birthday of their family.

Gift idols. Scorpionica wool Nadia made herself. Photo: Archive Of N. Dotsenko

Before the concert. Family Dotsenko (far left) and fans of “Scorpio”. Photo: Archive Of N. Dotsenko

Fans: Facebook and roll from Pecheneg

The inhabitant of Odessa Vladimir Verenchuk first heard the Scorpions in 1995 — it was the famous rock ballad Still Loving You. The guy got serious, he started buying tapes and decided to assemble a complete discography of the group. Over time, the collection was enriched with vinyl and CD. I found a book about the group, Western magazines (they were valuable rare photo).

Got all this at acquaintances and friends, — says Vladimir. I, on the “gatherings” in Shevchenko Park in his native Odessa — there since the Soviet Union was going audiophiles. It was possible to communicate, and to locate the desired record or records. Now my collection is lots of CDs, vinyl, books, magazines and autographs of the group.

In 2001 Vladimir first came to the live concert of “Scorpio” and met with their idols at the hotel where they were staying.

And in 2010, created a fan group on social media, which later developed into the nationwide community. In 2011, the first time I collaborate with the organizers of the concert, and soon they approached me with proposals to hold a competition among fans. This has been at press conferences and rehearsals of the band… And, you know, I visited twenty concerts in different countries and I can say that in Ukraine “the Scorpion” meet like nowhere else! says a fan.

During these years in Ukraine and abroad, Vladimir had many people — among them family Dotsenko from Kiev and a variety of people of all ages from other cities and countries.

Now I’m not so actively lead the group in social networks, — says Vladimir. — Family care… But Scorpions is forever…

Friendly cartoons. Vladimir Verenchuk granted in 2004. Photo: Archive Of V. Verenchuk


“My religion is rock-n-roll & SCORPIONS” — reads the slogan on the personal page in social networks Svetlana Nadtochiy.

For 28 years the German band is her joy and consolation… In the 90s the whole village Pechenegs in the Kharkiv region was sobbing over the voice of Tanya Bulanova and danced to Alain Apina, and the young Light liked rock, especially Scorpions. Hard to imagine what effort it took the girl to resist the dominance of pop music.

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