The social network intends to warn users from the influence of any government.

The social network Facebook begins to mark the page state-controlled media from China, Russia, Iran and other countries, said the head of the office of cybersecurity company Nathaniel Gleicher blog Facebook Thursday, June 4. According to him, people should know that those other news published by the media, which can be influenced by any government, reports DW.

Special marking “state-controlled media” (“state-controlled media”) will be awarded in total, about 200 pages of the media.

At the same time, Facebook won’t assign the label of news organizations based in the United States, the company said. Facebook believes that the media established by the United States government, have editorial independence, said Gleicher.

Facebook also intends to mark ads

In the near future, Facebook is also going to mark the advertising media that the company believes may be under state influence and block any of their ads, targeted at U.S. users.

In addition, the social network is going to block-oriented U.S. advertising placed by state agencies. This solution company Facebook justifies the desire to take extra measures of protection from a foreign power ahead of presidential elections in the United States, to be held in November.

To determine which media fully or partially is under the control of the state, Facebook is going based on their own criteria, which were developed in the company on the basis of consultations with experts.