In January-April 2018 year, Ukraine imported from Russia goods worth more of 2.56 billion dollars.

Ukrainian business is not planning to rebuild and to break the trading scheme with Russia. Photo:

According to the latest data of the State statistics service, imports of goods from Russia to Ukraine for the period from January to April this year rose by 31% compared to the same period in 2017.

Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine lasts for four years, but despite this, Russia still remains the main trading partner of Ukraine, because they can offer something that can’t other countries – low prices and familiar schemes. Experts respond with skepticism about whether Ukraine will be able in the future to reduce trade with Russia.

“Ukrainian businesses and finds the opportunity to rebuild itself and to adapt to new, competitive markets. And much easier to do business in the usual way, with familiar partners, especially without worrying about competition, worrying only about the price parameters that you can quite easily work in the shadow schemes. Shadow schemes for decades practiced in the former Soviet Union. Because I think that this factor is of primary importance”, – said Vasily yurchishin, Director economic programs at the Razumkov Center.

According to experts, this situation will persist.

“I can’t say that there is a special malice, but I think after four years of the war was to establish trade, and other trade routes.

Most likely, it will continue, but you should always make allowances for the fact that the volume .trade at one time declined sharply, and if now the volume of trade of the Ukraine-Russia are growing, partly restored some links that have been safely forgotten or did not work”, – said Vasily yurchishin.

But Alex Doroshenko, General Director of Ukrainian Association of Directors of retail chains, says that Russia proposes to Ukraine a very attractive price, which does not allow to refuse from import. Therefore, in financial terms, this situation is quite justified. However, as the expert, we can always find other markets, because the conditions dictated by the buyer.

“What’s good with imports unlike exports, imports you can always replace. When you’re a seller, you always hold on to the buyer. In this case, buyers we. So we can always substitute one for the other. The main thing to us was what to buy,” summed up Oleksiy Doroshenko.

Recall earlier we wrote about the fact that Ukraine continues to increase the export of services.

Learn more about the fact that Ukraine imports from Russia read in the material of the website “Today”: Trade with Russia: that Ukraine buys and what couldn’t stop.

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