Korrespondent.net together with the project partner with Carlsberg announces the match of the 30th round of the English Premier League between Everton and Liverpool.

One of the hottest Derby in British football by accident will be one of the first matches after the pandemic coronavirus. Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp will bring his team that will fight to the bitter end.

Everton – Liverpool
Goodison Park, 21 June, 21:00. Live on Setanta

Red and blue Liverpool this season have radically different tasks. Liverpool started with a first round win and can’t seem to stop. It’s just impossible to lose.

At the same time Everton is currently in the middle of the table, and for European competition is unlikely to fight, and to the relegation zone him away. But still 10 rounds ago the toffees were one of the contenders to fall in the class. Helped the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti.

Despite the lack of motivation in the League for Everton this match may be even more important than for the players of Liverpool. If Everton can’t win, you risk to continue the series without a win in the Liverpool Derby to 10 years. The last time the toffees beat Liverpool in October 2010.

Since then the teams have played 20 times in 10 matches, the victory was gained by the players “red”.

Status before the match

It is hard to judge in what form will the players of both teams, because after such a long downtime is not clear who and in what condition is. For example, Manchester city in the match against Arsenal was not at all like himself this season, and if not for the phenomenal David Luiz, all could be not so rosy for the bulls.

Liverpool Shaqiri is injured and Klein, but these players are not important players. Another thing Robertson and fats, which were also damaged and their participation in the match in question.

Everton has some more serious problems. Carlo Ancelotti can not count on Gramene, Walcott and Tosun. There are problems with Yeri Mines and Bernard. But andré Gomes and Fabian the Delphi Papa Carlo said that they are ready to play.

Approximate compositions:

Very interesting, released Klopp as their principal expert on Everton – Divoka Origi, if Mo Salah will not be able to play.

Everton: Pickford – Coleman, CIN, Holgate, Tinker Iwobi, Gomez, Davies, Sigurdsson – Calvert-Lewin, Richarlyson

Liverpool: Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, van Dyck, gómez, Robertson – Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Henderson, Origi, Firmino, Manet

Forecast Korrespondent: 0:2


Everton – Liverpool: announcement missisaga Derb

Korrespondent.net spline s partner project Carlsberg anonsu the match of the 30th round of the championship Englandiï mizh Evertone I Lverpool.

Odne s naybilsh specitic Derb britanskogo football the will the case of the mill one s NiPERA match after pandem coronavirus. Carlo Ancelott I Jurgen Klopp to wevegot svoï team, that will fight to Paramonovo CNCA.

Everton – Liverpool

Hudson Park, 21 June, 21:00. Live stream on Setanta

Chervony I. blue Lverpool in ninsiima SEZON toil dramatically RSN the challenge. Lverpool z pershoho tour pocas peramugari and, it seems, not Mauger supinates. The first meeting place is simply unrealistic vzhe bude vratiti.

At the same hour Everton Danian at the time znahodytsya in seredyn tablets, wherein I for evrokubka unlikely Chi bude to fight, and to Zoni villota yomu away. Ale has 10 turf that “risky” Boule are the ones W pretendents to those dwellers in sensitisa class. Doping prid Carlo Ancelott.

Navti although vastly turnno motives for Everton Tsey match Mauger Buti has more valium, than for gravv Liverpoola. If Everton not smoge Peremogy, then risiko of pradovit series without Peremoga in mersisaydskogo Derb to 10 years. Latest times “risky” obsreve Liverpool in Govt 2010.

Z quiet PR team zhrali 20 RSV I in 10 matches Peremogi zdobuli same grafts “cervone”.

The camp before the match

Vaiko to judge, in that form will futbolli oboh teams, after after this trivago downtime is absolutely not clear, hto I in yakomu Stani znahodytsya. For example, Manchester Siti in match against Arsenal SOSM not the CCB is similar in this seson, I yakbi not fenomenalny David Los, all could not zavershilsya nestlike radogno for “Gordan”.

Have Liverpoola traumaman Sakr I. Klein, ale TSI futbolli not what vezhlivij Graziani. NSA right Robertson I. Salah, have yakih Boule takozh ushkodzhennya I h fate in match pid patanam.

Everton got more seriesn be called a few more problems. Carlo Ancelott not smoge rozregulowany Bamana, Walcott I. Tosun. What problems have Yer My I Bernard. And the axis about andré Gomes and Fabian Delph Tato Carlo saying, scho stink gotov grati.

Orto of skladi:

Velma curiously, Chi vipustite Klopp his head expert of Everton – Doca Org, if Mo Salah all are not smoge Shruti.

Everton: Pcford – Coleman, Kin, Holgate, DN – Bob, Gomez, Devs, Shurson The Children Of Calvert-Lewin, Rcarlson

Liverpool: Alison – Alexander-Arnold, van Dyck, gómez, Robertson – Wijnaldum, Fabio, Henderson Org, Frmne, Manet

Forecast Korrespondent: 0: 2

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