Photo: a frame from the video, the Girl dropped a container of Ranch sauce

The girl spilled a large container of the sauce, pouring himself much. The video got millions of views.

User with the nickname @BorboaGrant posted a video on Twitter that shows the confusion of the girl, razlivka a giant container of Ranch sauce. Roller for a few days gained more than 7 million views.

The video shows as the girl drops the container, then spills its contents on her. She stands with sauce-covered face, at the time, as the scene heard laughter. The video turned out so funny that became a meme.

“So, a couple of days ago one of my colleagues accidentally released from the hands of 22 litres of sauce Ranch,” said the author of the post in the comments.

So a couple days ago, one of my coworkers accidentally let 22 quarts of ranch dressing slip out of her hand…

— G (@BorboaGrant) 18 Mar 2019

Earlier it was reported that she posed for the photos when I was suddenly demolished by a wave.

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