Destroyed Ukrainian monuments in Poland will be restored

Deshchitsa noted that their recovery will happen step by step

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Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy Deshchytsya said that Poland agreed to the resumption of the Ukrainian places of memory in Poland, which became the target of acts of vandalism more in 2014.

He stated this in an interview with “UKRINFORM” at the end of the meeting the co-chairs of the Advisory Committee of the presidents of Ukraine and Poland Konstantin Yeliseyev and Krzysztof Darskogo.

The meeting took place last Friday in Krakow.


  • The Ministry of culture of Poland called legitimate the dismantling of the monument to soldiers of the UPA in Gruzovikah

“In mass media appeared information that one of the achievements of this meeting was the decision to resume the search and exhumation work in Ukraine. But really, it was just one of the issues that was agreed by both parties in this joint statement,” – said deshchitsa.

In addition, it was understood that in matters of recovery of the Ukrainian places of memory in Poland, which became the target of acts of vandalism even in 2014,” he said.


  • Institute of naramata compared the number of destroyed monuments in Poland and in Ukraine

According to Dedicy, we are talking about seven sites that have been desecrated.

“Their recovery will occur step by step, taking into account the particularities of each specific case and all legal procedures,” he added.

Recall that for 2014-2016 in the South of Poland destroyed or desecrated more than ten memory locations. In any case, the attackers were not detained.

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Answer 1 for “Destroyed Ukrainian monuments in Poland will be restored”

  1. John Polanski says:

    Those Ukrainian, destroyed places of memory were nothing but illegal monuments of Ukrainian Nazis cooperating with German Nazis. They were killing innocent Polish people during the WW ll and 2 years after . They were burning towns and killing tens of thousands
    children ,women and elders in horrible tortures. Those murderers are heros in today Ukraine where many people use and are proud of their nazi symbols and black and red flags. Shame on Polish President Duda for such an agreement. The voters will never forget Polish victims and will remember those who collaborate with Ukrainian fascists.

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