Israel is 64 “Eurovision”


In the Israeli tel-Aviv on may 16 was the second semifinal of the 64th song contest “Eurovision 2019”, which was defined 10 finalists. It is reported by the correspondent of the edition “GORDON”.

In the finals:

  • Tamara Todevska (North Of Macedonia);
  • Duncan Lawrence (The Netherlands);
  • Jonida Maliqi (Albania);
  • John Lundvik (Sweden);
  • Sergey Lazarev (Russia);
  • Genghis (Azerbaijan);
  • Leonora (Denmark);
  • KEiiNO (Norway);
  • Luke Henney (Switzerland);
  • Michela Pace (Malta).
  • In the semi-final were:

    • Srbuk (Armenia);
    • Sarah Mcternan (Ireland);
    • Anna Odobescu (Moldova);
    • Carousel (Latvia);
    • Esther Peony (Romania);
    • Pænda (Austria);
    • Roko (Croatia);
    • Urius (Lithuania).

    The final will take place on may 18.

    The competition involved 41 countries. The results of the first semi-final in the ending there were representatives of 10 countries: Cyprus, Slovenia,Czech Republic, Belarus, Serbia, Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Greece and San Marino. UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany as the country of the founder, as well as Israel as a country – the winner of “Eurovision 2018” advance to the finals automatically. Ukraine in 2019 does not participate in “Eurovision”.

    In 2018, the winner of the contest was the representative of Israel Netta Barzilai.