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Citizens of Ukraine officially participate in the super draw jackpot of EUR 162 million!

The EuroMillions lottery again accumulated, and the next guaranteed jackpot of €162 million will be drawn this Friday.

This Friday, November 27, the super draw of EuroMillions, a unique edition of the famous pan-European lottery, waiting for participants from Ukraine.The biggest lottery circulation of Europe will compete for the Grand jackpot, 162 million euros.

The current jackpot is the result of two accumulation from the beginning of a series of super Raffles on November 22. During last Tuesday EuroMillions numbers have come 25, 33, 38, 42, 50, and numbers, “lucky star” 8 and 12. In the previous circulation numbers have come 28, 29, 39, 48, 50 and numbers, “lucky star” 5 and 7. By the way, last edition there were over 2 million winners, but none of these winners have not guessed all the winning combination as a whole, and the prize has continued to grow.

Super draw of EuroMillions is one of the most exciting lotteries in Europe, which is just a few times a year and guarantees a massive nine-digit jackpots. The next edition will take place on Friday 27 November, with a guaranteed jackpot of €162,000,000.


How Ukrainians can take part in draw of the EuroMillions?

Buy official EuroMillions tickets online after registration on the website TheLotter. Place your order on the relevant page on the website, and a representative of the service will buy on your behalf a formal ticket and upload its scanned copy to your account. The original ticket will be placed in the safe. We will give you a ticket if you win a prize (so you can present it to the organizers of the lottery).

Select 7 numbers from 2 different ranges: 5 main from 1 to 50 and 2 numbers “Lucky Star” from 1 to 10. If the major and minor numbers on your ticket matched with the winning in the drawing, the jackpot is yours!

The most famous winner on TheLotter today – M. M. from Baghdad, which has won the jackpot of $6.4 million in August 2015, bought on the website the ticket lottery Oregon Megabucks.



The story of the winner from Iraq has received massive coverage in the world media, including the New York Times, Daily Mail, NBC, CNN and the Associated Press. They conducted their own study, came to the conclusion that the process of buying lottery tickets online on the website TheLotterдействительно meets all the requirements of the National lottery.

The chance to win €162 million fall every day. Ensure their participation in Supercharge the EuroMillions by buying a ticket online at theLotter!



Super-roses EuroMillions triva – Yak migrate € 162 million z Ukrainy


Gromadyan Ukraine itsuno take part in super-tirai s 162 milioni Euro jackpot!

Lottery Bromley znovu of akumulatora, I nastupni goruntuleniyor in rsmr €162 mlion bude rozhrani Qiu in n’yatnytsyu.

For this reason n atnic, 27 Listopad, super-roses Bromling, uncanny circulation znamenito pan evropeisko latere, Ceca uchasnikiv z Ukrainy. Nili laterani circulation Wrapi Roshe grandoni jackpot, 162 mlion Euro.

Ninny jackpot – the result of two acumulat s ear ser super-roskrow 22 Listopad. In had view from the past edition have butorok Vitali, and 25, 33, 38, 42, 50, I, and “Lak old” 8 – 12. Poperednica tirage Vitali, and 28, 29, 39, 48, 50 I, and “Lak old” 5 I 7. By the way, the results view from the past the edition Bulo hope 2 mllion peremogu, ale Aden s Tsikh peremogu not vgadev entire vyigrashno komnatu celcom, first prize prodview prostate.

Super-roses Uralian one s naybilsh sahabiyyah lotteries Urope, Yak pass vsogo be called a few more rasv on year I garanto Masin nine atisan jakati. Nastupni taqiy circulation budesa in n’yatnytsyu 27 Listopad, s garantovano jackpot of €162,000,000.


Yak mozhut Ukrainians take part in Tira Bromling?

Pridbati oftin blei Bromling can online, after the completion restrac sit on TheLotter. Formt zamovlennya on vdown storms on shit, I predstavnik servs to purchase from the trust, etc oftiny blet I seventieth Yogo Vaskelovo a copy to your account. Orignally blet bude Pommery in the safe. Mi peredam you bled, if you vigraa prize (dwellers VI could PREV of avici Yogo organzation latere).

Viberti 7 nomeru z 2 RSNA dapson: 5 basic from 1 to 50 . 2, and “Lucky Star” from 1 to 10. If I osnovne I dodatkow, and on your blet spitali s Timi scho Vitali in Terai, the jackpot is yours!

Naimi winner on on ciogodnichnyu day – M. M. s Baghdad, that vigra jackpot of $ 6.4 mllion in SERPs 2015 rock buying on Sait blet latere Oregon Megabucks.

History Peremoga s Raku the Sochi mass visin in swova ZMI, including the New York Times, Daily Mail, NBC, CNN I AssociatedPress. VSI stink, Prowse properly dozen, prishli to visnovku scho the process of prebena laterani blew online at TheLotter sit really vdova everyone knows, what does imogam National lotteries.

Chance vignati € 162 million wipada not home. Zabezpiecze their fate in Supertree Bromling, buying blet suit online at theLotter!

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine