August 8 at the stadium “Athlete” was the first cross-fit event “Complex Murph”, which was organized by security holding “Sheriff”.

Event and its importance for the development of healthy lifestyles and safety says the founder of the holding Dmitry Strizhov.

Complex Murph is a difficult test of strength of body and spirit, which includes overcoming in General, 2 miles (3.2 km) run, 100 pull-UPS, 200 pushups and 300 squats. First, the participants run 4 laps at the stadium, then alternately do 20 approaches exercises and ran back.

Earlier we two times a year, conducted a detailed event, but it was closed and functioned more like one of the stages of training of fighters of groups of fast reaction “Shirmp”. Later, the complex began to attract interest from others and we decided to spend something similar for everyone who has to “Sheriff”.

By and large, for us this event is the Union of all who personally supports the idea of security. Safety is not just a word, it’s the value we bring to their employees, partners and customers. Men who lead a healthy lifestyle and care about their protection, can feel safe. Involved four teams of rapid response teams, administrative and managerial staff, “Sheriff”, our clients, and also employees and General partners of the company Ajax.

In society there is a stereotype that security company — closed structure, close to law enforcement agencies. And most companies really have little contact with the outside world, not show their faces, do not form around himself a circle of like-minded people. But for me, for all employees of the company, security is important not only in the context of the alarm. It would the responsibility, of the inner strength of man. I am glad that such views are close to our customers.

Modern trends require companies to have a customer focus, but most of it is declared, but not implemented in reality. Customer focus is not only polite operator who sells you the service. It is important to know the pain and needs of the client. We are always trying to find out what kind of life are our clients, whether they have children, what their activities. In elections for the optimum protection every little thing matters. It is not necessary to offer GPS-tracker to track the whereabouts of the child if the client is a family without children. Unless, of motion sensor on the door, especially the residents first and last floors, where a burglary can be a window.

But customer centricity does not end at choosing the best services for everyone. It’s also about forming a community of like-minded people. I am glad that in “complex Murph” was attended by so many people from a single ecosystem security, this means that we are on the same wavelength.

Security companies should understand that the client often chooses the heart, not the head. Due to the formation of communities, promotion of values and customer focus, we attract a lot of attention to security issues and better inform the market of security services.

In addition to our employees and clients, a major role in the “Complex Murph” played by our partners. First and foremost is, of course, Ajax. The company, which over the years of our partnership, not only confirmed the high quality and uptime of their equipment, but became close to us in values. Other partners that helped organize and gave gifts to all participants were: a network of medical clinics Vivaclinic, a manufacturer of drinks, “Obolon”, network of shops of the sports nutrition Fleetmarket medical center “Medsport”, attorneys ‘ Association “Artius”. Each of these businesses brings together people who love the sport and set themselves big goals and stick to their principles. This approach and the “Sheriff”.



But it should be understood that “Complex Murph” is not our corporate. It is really a great sports event which is held in accordance with all international requirements for cross-fit events. Training for participants was conducted by Vladimir Titanic — certified trainer CF-L1. He was chief justice. And leading of the event was Igor Kretov — known organizer of the Ukrainian sports events.

“Complex Murph” is only one of our events of this type. In September Sheriff Special Forces Challenge 2020. We held the Sheriff Fight Challenge, took part in the Race Nation, and the marathon run half-marathons. I personally took part in the world championship Ironman and realize that big goals and complex trials increase the strength of the human spirit. This is what we want to achieve for their fighters, partners, customers and residents of Ukraine in General.


“Complex Murph” — wirabuana Seeley spirit that step to zagalna BEZPEKA

8 August, on stadon Atlet vdbase Perche KROS-ft vent “Complex Murph”, that organza ohoronni holding “Sheriff”. About SPORTIVNO the pondus that I znachennya for development of a healthy way of life I BEZPEKA respond zasnovnik holding Dmitri Strizhov.

Complex Murph — TSE folding wirabuana Seeley TLA the spirit, the Yak peredacha podolannya in total 2 miles (3.2 km) BGU, pathuwan 100, 200 ugimag the 300 pristane. Spochatku participants bgtime 4 Cola on stadon, next poperemenno viranomaiset right for 20 pahodu skin I znovu bgtime.

Mi DVC on year held view Zahid, ale VIN CCB covered format that vicenova the function of one s etapu qualit bicv groups Shvydko reagovanja “Sheriff”. Later Danny complex pocas vilicity nteres have autocracy I mi versely to hold something podne for vsih hto bazhayuchih got otnoshenia to the Sheriff. Have BlsI Mr for us Tsey Zahid – TSE Ob’єdnannya usih hto Patria osobiste day BEZPEKA. BEZPEKA is not just a word, TSE cnst, Yak mi denounced by prancl help our defenders, partners that clam. People that lead a healthy method of life I dbout about sviy Zahist, mozhut pocuvanie have buspar have powny Mr. Fate primal Vier team BIZ GSR, administrativno-upravlenii staff “Sheriff” Nashi Clit spivrobitnyky General perneri-time-s compan Ajax.

In suspilstvi sclause stereotype scho receptionists company — the offended structure, bliska to pervoocherednih organs. I blissthe companies sprawd little contactwith iz towns swom, not their pokazhut oblic I don’t formout navkolo yourself spletu odnodumtsev. Ale for me, for usih prank compan BEZPEKA it is important to not only have context ohoronno signalsat. TSE Pro modified, Pro vnutry force lyudin. Rado scho TSI look podsleuth I Nashi Clit.

Sucasne trendy vimagati from companies Clio, ale castle won deklaratsia, not sprawd uprowadzona. Clot — TSE not deprivation wchovia operator, that Prada you posluga. It’s important to know bol I CNT consumer. Mi always dsnames that method of life to lead Nashi CLT, Chi , they have children, Yak HNA operation. Have viber optimalnyh the hotel Zahist toil znachennya us trebnitz. Not required propanoate GPS tracker W mozliwosci vddon msaskhodzhiev of ditini, if Clem her family without kids. Not to vistachit lachey sensor apartment is in good condition especially the residents Perche I ostani poverchu, after mstem slamu mozhut Buti Vikna.

Nonetheless, clot not zakonchatsya on wibor optimalnyh the hotel pid skin. TSE takozh about formuvannya splinti odnodumtsev. Mene Rado scho the fate of complex Murph adopted so many people s ODN of ecosistemi BEZPEKA — TSE this means, scho mi odni hvili.

Acharonim companies need to understand, scho CLT castle Opera heart, and head. For rakhunok formuvannya splete, propaganda cnota Clio mi prepartum blsu pay attention to to the problems BEZPEKA I better formula about Rinok ohoronni of the hotel.

Ocrm our professionalism that CLN a large role in providen “the Murph” doditsa our partners. At first cargo TSE, SSE, Ajax. Company Yak for rocky of our partnership not only brought visoko quality of work I besprent svogo obladnannya and Shorty s us cennostyah. Himi partners, that doomgate in the organization I give order for usih uchasnikiv , Trammel medichnih clink Vivaclinic, the manufacturer of npov “Obolon” Trammel magazynu sports harchuvannya Fleetmarket, medicine center “Medsport”, advokatske Ob’єdnannya “Artius”. Skin s Tsikh bsnes Ob do navkolo people, that to sublate sport, appears in front of him velik CL I dotronulsya their principu. Taqiy pdhd I got “Sheriff”.

The prot required razumeti scho “Complex Murph” TSE not our corporate. TSE sprawd great sporting West, that provodilsya for USA mineralnymi wymogami to cross-ft WinTV. Trenovane for uchasnikiv after Volodymyr Titanic — certifcado coach CF-L1.
VIN CCB well I Golovnin Addey and veduchikh time becoming Igor Kretov – domi organzation ukranska sporting vents.

“Complex Murph” — TSE lachey one of zachodu of this type, that mi carried out. Have weren bude Sheriff Special Forces Challenge 2020. Mi conducted the Sheriff Fight Challenge, took the fate of the Nation Race, a marathon that napumsaka. I osobisto prima the fate of the world Championat Ironman I Rozum, scho lachey velik CL I zkladn wirabuana partout the spirit of the person. Same tsogo mi brinemo I for our bicv, partners, CLN that in total italv Ukraine.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine