Photo: caffeine Intake helps to reduce fat mass

The caffeine helps get rid of naidennykh pounds during the holidays – the researchers conducted a special study.

Coffee can cope with the consequences of overeating on the holidays. Caffeine reduces the activity of genes associated with the processing of carbohydrates to fat and its storage in the body, say U.S. scientists at the University of Illinois, writes the Journal of Functional Foods.

According to experts, the dialed pounds will help to deal four cups of coffee a day. If you are a coffee lover, then the same effect will be from maté tea.

Scientists in the study found that caffeine intake helps to reduce fat mass. The experts conducted a series of experiments with rats, which have begun to feed vysokotirazhnoj food. In the course of scientific work, rodents were given a tea of Yerba mate, caffeine and synthetic caffeine, extracted from coffee.

It was found that caffeine reduces the accumulation of fat in fat cells for 20-41%. As a result, those rats that received the caffeine gained 16% less weight and 22% less fat than those animals which it is not allowed.

One of the study’s authors Dr. Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia suggests that caffeine may act on certain genes associated with fat deposition in the body.

The researchers also warned that the abuse of coffee increases blood pressure and cholesterol, and may also cause headaches and trigger insomnia.

As we wrote earlier, called the new useful feature of coffee.

Recall that the defined hazardous to health, the number of cups of coffee a day.

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