Chornovil: the Chances of Russia not let through the doors, so at least through the window to climb back in the PACE delayed somewhere for six months or a year

Chornovil: We see that Russia will make maximum use of all their lobbyists in PACE

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The majority of the members of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe take the position that on the return of the Russian delegation to PACE now cannot be and speeches, said in comments to the edition “GORDON” the political scientist, former MP Taras Chornovil.

“The former President of PACE Pedro Agramunt in his time tried quietly to amend the regulations. But now it will not work. We remember what a scandal erupted. In the end, for the resignation of Agramunt voted even his own European people’s party. That is today quietly no one dares to repeat it. First you need to create a working group. This is still not done. Even the preparatory work for the return of the Russian Federation in PACE now blocked by an absolute majority of members of this organization. In fact, the chances of Russia not let through the doors, so at least through the window to climb back in the PACE delayed somewhere for six months or a year. The majority of the members of the organization showed that while Russia commits acts that are contrary to the principles of the Assembly, on the return of its delegation cannot be and speeches”, – said the analyst.

According to him, the lobbyists of Russia in PACE is now actively defend the interests of Moscow.

“We see that Russia will make maximum use of all their lobbyists in PACE. This ultra-right and ultra-left fascist and Nazi parties of Europe, which are represented in the Assembly. They are trying to defend the interests of Russia. The same can be said about the party of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, which is now most trying to stab the Ukraine. These political forces will be the last to work on the Russian money. Besides, they are interested in the return of the delegation of the Russian Federation. Then they will have at least some consolidated strength. Now it’s hard to imagine, since they have claims against each other. For example, Romania virtually eliminates the Hungarian national minority on its territory. Yet their opposition is not so much because they teamed up against Ukraine. But then necessarily’ll get back to that,” said Chornovil.

He does not exclude that at the moment Russia is not interested in the return of its delegation to the PACE.

“About how Russia is working with its satellites in Europe, everybody was talking. So in the near future the PACE will probably sound critical statements addressed to the Ukraine. But on the return the organization of the Russian Federation now it is not – it is unreal. What Moscow wants, hard to say. A number of representatives of the Russian Federation saying that he would like to return to the Assembly. At least then they will be able to influence the vote on some issues. There is another version: the Russians need the process, and not specifically the return to the PACE. That is, they will tell that wronged them, the whole world is against them. This is particularly necessary for use within the Russian Federation, saying that we need to show them all gruel. In this case the Russians, in fact, it is important just to make noise,” said the analyst.

In his opinion, Ukraine should insist that the Russian delegation could not return to the Assembly until complete liberation of Ukrainian territories under Russian occupation.

“Russia is a highly corrupt apparatus of the Council of Europe. Often voting Pro-Ukrainian and Pro-European positions find serious support. However, their consideration in the office of the Council of Europe or PACE is a problem – we see absolutely Pro-Russian stance. As for Ukraine, we made it clear: the right of any country to the Council of Europe connected with the responsibilities. A country that destroys and does not adhere to these rules, PACE features can not be. When Russia will cease occupation of the territories of Ukraine, their delegation will be able to return to the Assembly. If they return to the Assembly before, so the PACE recognizes that Europe can act as Russia. Ukraine needs to adhere to: Russia leaves the Donbass and Crimea – welcome to PACE,” – said Chornovil.

October 11, PACE adopted resolution 2186, which refers to the need to harmonize the rules for the participation and representation of member countries in both the statutory bodies of the Council – the PACE and the Committee of Ministers. This resolution can help to return to the courtroom of the Russian delegation. Almost all the amendments proposed by the Ukrainian delegation was rejected.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba said that Ukraine is “inclined” to compromise in the issue of the return of Russians to the PACE. According to him, “the price for Russia’s return” I asked him the last two weeks.

Kuleba noted that on October 12 the meeting of the joint Committee and the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe refused to set up a working group, which “had to actually seek reform of the Council of Europe under Russia’s return.

Russia was deprived of voting rights in PACE in April 2014, immediately after the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass. January 28, 2015, PACE adopted a resolution that extended sanctions against Russia and deprived it of voting rights until April.

In protest, the Russian delegation said it would suspend its contacts with the parliamentary Assembly.

During 2016 and the last nine months of 2017, the Russian delegation did not participate in the Assembly.

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