Child dragged by his feet out of the shot live

Photo: Twitter the Girl pulls the leg of his brother

A real family drama played out in the background, behind the lead.

In the Scottish city of Hamilton during the live broadcast behind the lead played out the family drama. The girl’s legs and dragged his brother out of the frame, than attracted the attention of not only spectators, but also the Western media, reports The Daily Mail.

@JimDelahunt only @HamiltonRacing pic.twitter.com/ETkKJocreJ

— joberg (@ginboyjoe) 9 Aug 2017

The publication reports that in the beginning the girl tried to quietly to take away his brother, so as not to disturb the airwaves. However, he is not obeyed and fell on the grass behind the lead. In the end, she grabbed his brother’s legs and dragged him forcibly.

At the same time, the leading brand have not noticed what is happening from behind, being fully concentrated on work.

Informed The Correspondent.net reported that during a weather broadcast leading ruined by a giant Seagull.

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