Chelsea Dinamo watch online match

Dynamo Kyiv Thursday, March 7, will play the first match of 1/8 finals of the Europa League against the English Chelsea.

On Thursday, Dynamo Kiev will continue their fight in the Europa League. Away match against Kiev, the English Chelsea will be at Stamford bridge. Beginning at 22.00. will lead the text online broadcast of the match Chelsea – Dynamo.


A confident Chelsea win. Alas. For the second match in Kiev Surry is now unlikely to bring serious composition.


89. Ran to win and missed. GOAL Chelsea! The counter, discount from Fat on the War-Odoi and the young Englishman easily replay smartly! 3:0! It is the defeat.

88. The TIME at Dynamo. Shepelev stole from a rival, passed, gave Shaparenko, but he could not stop the ball into the penalty area for Chelsea, no punching.

87. And again the time! The skipper dropped the ball after giving from flank, a series of ricochets and kick Sidorchuk – blocked hosts.

86. MOMENT Dynamo! Sidley was in sharper focus but gets failed.

79. Hudson-Odoi came on for Willian.

77. Forward Garmash was on a shock position, but decided to pass on Tsygankova, in the end it ended canopy in the hands of Kepa.

74. For the first time in the match Dinamo took the initiative, this would have to miss two goals?

73. Long shot Sidorchuk – by.

72. Good attack Dynamo! But instead of striking, the player of Kiev fell in the penalty opponent.

71. Sidley changed Buyalsky on the flank. And was immediately pressed Kovac, forcing him to lose the ball.

66. Garmash is the only striker Rusina. This is the course from Khatskevich. Will uderzhivat 0:2?

65. GOOOOL!!! WILLIAN EASILY PUTS THE BALL INTO THE TOP CORNER FROM STANDARD! NO CHANCE FOR BOYKO! 2:0! Keeper very unhappy with the wall and not in vain.

63. Loftus-cheek had stopped sydorchuk with his penalty, a dangerous standard for Chelsea.

62. Sarri changed the center of the field. Loftus-cheek and Kant came on for Jorginho and Barkley. The answer Khatskevich? What would you recommend Luzhny?

61. Dynamo started playing more energetically, though the approaches to the penalty began to emerge.

60. But Shaparenko once again threw the ball into the penalty area, where no one was able to win the air.

59. Rusin earned a dangerous free kick. Can and punch.

56. But with winning the ball back from Burda and Shabanov all right. But the modern defender can not only take the ball away.

54. Shaparenko in a simple situation loses the ball in midfield and starts thereby promising attack Chelsea.

53. Pedro took the ball from the free kick, removed and fired a left. Boyko easily caught the ball.

51. Dynamo went into high pressure and Chelsea lost the ball. You can play with the Londoners, enough to be afraid.

49. Drop Rusina ruined a promising counterattack.

47. A relaxed start to the half from both teams.

46. No substitutions at half-time.


Dinamo needs to attack. This is not enough Buyalsky in midfield, on the wing he’s useless.


44. Christensen and Kovacic heads collided. It was painful.

42. Buyalsky yellow card and he will miss the next match, it’s a big loss for Dinamo.

39. Could escape in counterattack Kiev – Tsygankov was not able to give to Rusina.

38. Pedro is very good, breaks Kiev, could have a hat-trick to do but smartly stops him yet.

36. Louise wins the upper hand after a corner – much above the gate.

35. Willian laid the curve, and out on strike, Alonso is blocked, but it was dangerous.

34. The TIME at Chelsea. Pedro on the shock position, no he does not interfere, but smartly makes a beautiful save.

33. Intelligent attack Dynamo! Finally! Shaparenko dispersed on the dribbling and gave it to the KENDZERA, pole filed, but Alonso blocked the flow of HAND! Would VAR, it would be a penalty!

29. Burda continues to lose the ball in simple situations, very bad in his game with the ball.

24. Again the time at Chelsea. Barkley brought to the blow, smartly drags!

23. A protracted attack Dynamo. Shaparenko was with the ball voschle the penalty, but then nothing came up.

20. The TIME at Chelsea. A cross from the flank missed all the defenders of Kiev and Pedro again shot smartly, but the Keeper came to the rescue.

16. GOOOL! Scored Chelsea. All just Pedro knocked on the Fat, the butt threw forth between tion Shabanov, and the Spaniard has already shot smartly. The failure of the defense Dynamo. 1:0.

15. Rusin good at holding the ball when it reaches him.

13. After filing Tsygankova air was won by the British.

12. Rusin fellow, earned a free kick a little something for Dynamo.

11. Chelsea pressure just destroys the Dynamo. You need at least a few gears to link. Shaparenko and Tsygankov could do. But they are all defense.

10. But our fans at Stamford bridge heard good.

9. Shepelev already on a yellow card.

8. Jorginho beautiful crosses into the penalty area, but Boyko is confident on the output.

7. Central defenders of Kiev Burda and Shabanov catastrophically can’t move the ball with the first transmission of trouble.

5. Even the same exact transmission as the guests came up. So will not last long.

3. With the transition from defence to attack large problems in Kiev – Burda passes out. Need just a little to hold on to the ball.

2. Strayed Kiev, but the ball is still from the owners.

1. Chelsea immediately took the ball under control and has earned a corner.


Team on the field, our away section was Packed to capacity.

At Stamford bridge a lot of empty seats to see live in Kiev – nothing is passed by the British.

You should pay attention – in Dynamo will be released from 10 Ukrainians and one pole – KENDZERA.

At Dynamo after a trauma of a forward Sol there is only one striker – Rusin. It will be released at the start. Disqualified Verbicha on the left submenu Buyalsky, but instead in Central midfield paired with Shepelev will be released Sidorchuk.


Chelsea – Arrizabalaga, Christensen, Alonso, Zappacosta, David Luiz, Kovacic, Jorginho, Pedro, Barkley, Willian, Fat.

Dynamo – Boyko, Burda, Mikolenko, KENDZERA, Shabanov, Sidorchuk, Shepelev, Shaparenko, Tsygankov, Buialskyi, Rusin.

As in the confrontation with Olympiacos in 1/16, Kyiv the team will begin two-legged tie away from home. Given the current state of Chelsea and many psychological problems of Londoners, Dynamo expects seriously to war with eminent British Grand.

But Arsenal have huge problems with forwards after the injury freshman Fran Sol from nominal forwards the Dynamo was only a young Nazariy Rusin.

For the upcoming match of UEFA has appointed 39-year-old FIFA referee from Slovenia Slavko Vinica.

Last game teams

Watch online Chelsea Dynamo / photo:

Chelsea in the last match, gradually emerging from the crisis the beginning of the year, the peak of which was a crushing defeat by man city 0:6 in the Premier League.

In the last three games they have only on penalties after 0:0 in regular time lost to Manchester city in the League Cup final, and then beat in the championship, Tottenham and Fulham. In the English Premier League team Surrey ranks sixth.

Last game Chelsea / photo:

Last game Chelsea

03.03.19 Fulham – Chelsea – 1:2

27.02.19 Chelsea – Tottenham Hotspur – 2:0

24.02.19 Chelsea – Manchester City – 0:1 (0:0)

21.02.19 Chelsea – Malmo – 3:0

18.02.19 Chelsea – Manchester United – 0:2

Dinamo confidently start the year with the passage of Olympiakos in the Europa League and victories over the Dawn and the Gum in the championship. But still the opponent is not commensurate with the level of retirees. And then there’s the emerging staffing problems. In the local championship team Khatskevich takes the second place.

Last game Dinamo / photo:

Last game Dinamo

02.03.19 Desna – Dynamo Kyiv – 1:2

25.02.19 Dynamo Kiev – Zarya – 5:0

21.02.19 Dynamo Kyiv – Olympiakos – 1:0

14.02.19 Olympiakos – Dynamo Kyiv – 2:2

09.02.19 Valerenga – Dynamo Kyiv – 1:2

Head to heads

04.11.15 Chelsea – Dynamo Kyiv – 2:1

20.10.15 Dinamo – Chelsea – 0:0

The team

Dynamo (approximate composition): Boyko, Burda, Kadar, Mikolenko, KENDZERA, Sidorchuk, Shepelev, Tsygankov, buialskyi, Shaparenko, Rusin.

Chelsea (approximate composition): skipper, David Luiz, rüdiger, Alonso, Azpilicueta, Jorginho, Kant, Willian, Pedro, hazard, Higuain.

Where to watch live stream

In Ukraine, the match live will show the Football 2 TV channel. Beginning at 22.00.

The weather on the day of the match

On game day, weather forecasters promise in the city on the Thames 7/10 degrees Celsius. However, on 7 March, a day in London predict a small rain, the evening should end.

Forecast for the match Chelsea – Dynamo

Online Chelsea – Dynamo 7 Mar / photo:

Bookmakers give preference to the English team. For example, William Hill’s betting on the victory of the home team factor of 1.27, and the Dynamo – 12,00. A draw in the match is estimated with a probability of 5.25.

Experts PariMatch team win Chelsea was estimated to 1.29, Dynamo of 12.5. That the match ends in a draw – here, take rates to 5.50.

The return match Alexander Khatskevich and Maurizio Sarri will take place on March 14 in Kiev at the Olympic stadium.

Online stream Chelsea – Dynamo