Photo: McConville accused of contempt of court

The man said in court that burned a huge amount of money just so his family didn’t get alimony. The court sentenced him to one month’s imprisonment.

A resident of the canadian city of Ottawa Bruce McConville said during the hearing that he had burnt a million canadian dollars. He didn’t want the money went to his ex-wife and children. A judge sentenced a man to 30 days in jail, writes the Ottawa Citizen.

55-year-old businessman and former candidate for mayor of Ottawa in the course of divorce proceedings with his wife to the judge’s request to give information about their finances flatly refused to do it.

Court became aware that the entrepreneur without the knowledge of his wife sold all the property was removed from the Bank accounts of more than one million canadian dollars (17.8 million hryvnia) and allegedly burned them. All this he did only in order to avoid paying for his wife and children in alimony.

The court was asked to provide evidence that McConville burned the money. However, the man said that I could get rid of bills with no witnesses and a video has not been removed.

Supreme court judge Kevin Phillips did not believe the words Macconville and accused him of contempt of court.

Phillips stressed that, in any case, the businessman is guilty that did not care about the welfare of their children.

For trying to hide information about the property McConville was sentenced to 30 days in jail. The judge also appointed the canadian penalty for each day of delay in execution of the court report on its financial Affairs. The penalty – two thousand canadian dollars (35.6 thousand hryvnia) per day that Macconville have to pay directly to his ex-wife.

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