Canada imposed new sanctions against Syria

The government of Canada has stated that it will continue efforts to support the Syrian people in order to help resolve the crisis in the country

Photo: EPA

Canada announced the extension of economic sanctions against the Syrian authorities in response to the likely use by Damascus of chemical weapons, reported on the official website of the government of the country.

A new decision on the sanctions list included 17 high-ranking officials of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and five of the organisations involved, according to canadian authorities, the use of chemical weapons.

Their assets will now be frozen, any transactions and operations fall under the ban.

The government of Canada noted that the introduction of these names to the sanctions list is additional international pressure that the regime immediately stop the “terrible crime against its own people”.

The authorities will continue their efforts to support the Syrian people in order to help resolve the crisis in Syria, the report said.

“Canada and its allies seek to end the war in Syria and to bring the perpetrators to justice. Today’s announcement of additional sanctions against high-ranking officials of the Syrian regime sends a strong, unified signal to the Assad regime that they are not allowed to commit war crimes and that they will be held accountable for their actions,” – said the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland.

April 4, Syrian Khan Sheyhun the result of a chemical attack killed 87 residents, including 31 children under the age of 18 years and 20 women. The use of chemical weapons I suspect the Syrian army.

The Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons said that under the Idlib was used sarin, or equivalent.

Syrian government troops is not the first time accused the use of prohibited weapons during the Syrian conflict.

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