Brown anniversaries Kiev

In 2017 Kyiv celebrates milestone anniversary: 175 years of the appearance in his city of character – chestnut.

And not so long ago was the 60th anniversary of another symbol of the capital “Kiev cake”, which produces the plant of ROSHEN. But few know the history of the appearance of these symbols of the capital. But one of them would not be at all if not for the fault of one person, which eventually became the legendary.

Individual chestnut trees were in the city and about 400-500 years ago. For example, historians like to talk about a 350 years old huge chestnut tree that grows near the historic monastery Kitaevskaya desert. Legend has it that it was planted by Petro Mohyla is one of the founders of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. But the landscape symbol of Kiev, the tree was in 1842, when Kiev began its mass landing.



But the story of the emergence of “Kiev cake” would not have started at all if not for one accidental error of one person. But about all under the order .

History of the Kiev confectionery them. Karl Marx, on which he was born Kiev cake, is nearly the same age as Kiev chestnut trees – it was founded in 1886, a merchant and industrialist Valentin Efimov and was known as “steam candy factory Valentina Efimova”. It then made caramel, candy, chocolate and marmalade. In those days it was a huge enterprise – it produced up to 200 tons of sweets per year. In 1923 the company was renamed in honour of Karl Marx.

And once a factory worker forgot to put in a cooler egg white intended for the biscuit. The next morning the chief of the biscuit shop Konstantin N. Petrenko with 17-year-old assistant pastry chef Hopes chernogor to hide the error with colleagues, at your own risk shifted frozen protein cakes with butter cream, sprinkled with vanilla powder and the decorated surface with floral designs. Yes, the ornament, which is almost unchanged played so far. The packaging design was developed around the same time – chestnut leaves of green color and the inscription, original the font “Kiseki cake.” So there was a cake, which was destined to become a visiting card of Kiev and all Ukraine.

In 1959 KONDITERSKAYA Fabrika im. Karl Marx (now PJSC “Kiev confectionery factory” Roshen”), received from the Exhibition of achievements of national economy awarded “for the creation of original products “Kiseki cake.” The document was found in the archive, and it is the oldest surviving official documents about the cake. In Soviet times this cake in the original recipe produced only here – that he was marked by the so-called “quality Mark”. He was awarded the best products of. Perhaps it is the presence of “quality Mark” saved by cake “Kiev” from mindless cloned in other enterprises of the Soviet confectionery industry. The clones, of course, appeared, but they were called differently, so as to guarantee the level of quality and flavor characteristics could only the factory of Karl Marx (now Kiev confectionery factory “Roshen”). In cakes-clones used, for example, inexpensive high-quality peanuts instead of hazelnuts and used a simplified formulation of creams and cakes.

In 1994, following full redemption of the state property of enterprises through reorganization was created closed joint-stock company “Kiev confectionery factory “Roshen”, which was the successor of the very Kiev confectionery them. Karl Marx. “Roshen” continued the release of the original “Kiev cake.” Product and still comes with a nut-protein cakes that only use hazelnuts. Packing Goodies, too, was a historical – green leaves of chestnut and a sign with the name of the Legend.



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