He wanted to make a Mask?

Tonight the brilliant innovator Elon Musk broke the world record and orbited from satellites 60, and made another giant leap towards its overarching goal of world domination in the field of mobile communication and Internet

Tonight, the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX launched into space from 60 satellites Starlink, which also belong to the Mask. They will be placed in orbit 550 kilometers.

Today Musk broke the world record for the number of satellites in one hand – he has 180 satellites! The nearest competitor – 140.

Musk again carried out with a cheap space to start and again broke all competitors price trigger – the first stage of the Falcon did not burn, and returned to base for the fourth time! That is, Musk has again saved tens of millions of dollars.

He wanted to make a Mask? With the help of his space Armada, he’s going to connect up to the end of 2020 the entire United States and Canada to high-speed broadband. Now, no matter where you are and where the communication tower is a satellite enables you to watch the news at any point. terrestrial telecommunications will make a new leap, communication services will become even cheaper.

But this is only the beginning. Plans Mask to perform another 22 missile launch to put into orbit 1584 spacecraft and cover with a network of communications satellites several continents! To the four billion people who currently do not have access to broadband Internet, could at any point of the Arctic, the Sahara desert, and in every wilderness of the Pacific chatting on video among themselves without delay. In short, Musk has set a goal to capture cheap high-speed Internet to the whole world and become the main provider of the planet. Of course, using the same satellites and you can monitor all the communications of the entire planet. No wonder, today the commercial launch of the Falcon was provided by 45th Space wing of the Armed forces of the United States.

And he goes to this goal! Musk has already received Federal communications Commission United States permission to launch TWELVE THOUSAND communication satellites, and appealed to the International telecommunication Union to permit the exploitation of ANOTHER THIRTY THOUSAND satellites! The output of this Armada will make the Mask out of reach for competitors.

And competitors there.

America takes control of the information field of the future Internet, search engines, social networks, and global provider – and all this in the hands of U.S. companies.

Technical revolution in the world is just beginning, ahead of the opening of entire industries and huge markets, and the absolute revolution in the development of human resource.

Yury Butusov, obozrevatel.com