Bill No. 7499 completely eliminates liability for illicit enrichment – the Center of counteraction of corruption

The adoption of the bill by the Verkhovna Rada will lead to the closure of hundreds of high-profile criminal cases, predict at CTC

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Bill No. 7499, which the Verkhovna Rada propose to change the definition of illicit enrichment in the Criminal code that completely eliminates the responsibility for illicit enrichment, said the anti-corruption action Center (CTC).

“The bill proposes to establish the responsibility of officials exclusively for the unlawful acquisition of property – for example, without proper agreements or powers of attorney from the owner of the property. Thus, the acquisition of public officials cars and apartments that cost hundreds of times more than their official salary, if it is done officially, say, in the showroom, would not involve criminal liability if the bill is passed by Parliament,” – said the head of the legal Department of the CPC Elena Shcherban.

The organization noted that the bill would legalize the concealment of corrupt officials ‘ property through registration on third parties.

“Under the current law the official is waiting for liability even in the case that he will “write” their own expensive real estate to relatives, say, in-law or sister, but will continue to be its actual owner. If bill No. 7499 is adopted, the popular scheme of concealment expensive of the property of officials will be legalized, and to confiscate such property would be impossible. Thus, the draft law No. 7499 completely eliminates liability for illegal enrichment. After all, the idea of this article of the Criminal code is that the mere existence of an official status that does not match his official income, it is a direct sign of corruption, and therefore a separate crime”, – is spoken in the message.

At CTC predict that the bill will lead to the closure of hundreds of high-profile criminal cases.

“For example, is closed the proceedings against the Chairman of the District administrative court of Kiev Pavel Vovk, who, according to investigators, hiding valuable property and luxury house with the help of fictitious divorce. The case of the people’s Deputy Evgeny Deydey, the cost of the new property which is four times the income of his family during the period of his work as a Deputy. Will be forced to close and proceedings against the head of State audit service Lily Gavrilova, unexplained property which is worth almost 10 million UAH”, – noted in the CTC.

January 18 on the website of the Parliament a bill which proposes to change the definition of illicit enrichment in the Criminal code. The initiators said that in its current form, this article violates the Constitution of Ukraine.

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