Big travelers. The history of conquest and inspiration in life

Skoda Kodiak is a project about freedom, philosophy and the formula of happiness, people who changed lives and made the journey of your life.

New heroes of the project “Big Travelers”.



Irina Galai, 28.

The top Manager of the oil company, graduate of the faculty of computer science, the first Ukrainian, climbing up mount Everest.

To travel alone in the relative wilderness – a special genre. It is a great feeling that the whole world belongs to you, and you in turn to him. Untroubled unity with nature and the amazing interaction of animals and people. Only one dispute has led me to climbing. Now my life is changed forever.

Don’t be afraid to argue and risk.

History of the conquest of the world’s tops of Irina in the project “Big Travelers”.



Artemy Surin, 36 years old.

A lawyer, a businessman, a professional traveler. The founder of the project “One Life”.

Successful advocacy brought pleasure and long-awaited opportunity to travel. As soon as I first saw the sea, I realized that a truly fulfilling life possible and to live traveling. No success in business will never give me such a feeling of freedom and full of life taste.

Thus was born and almost immediately became a successful project One Life.

It’s not just business, it’s the philosophy and the formula of happiness, similar to many.

History of inspiration in the life of Artemia in the project “Big Travelers”.

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