In Belarus held military exercises

Photo: Ministry of defence of the Republic of Belarus / Facebook

The Ministry of defense of Belarus announced the beginning of military exercises on the ranges in the area of NPP in Astravets near the border with Lithuania. On August 16 reported the press service of the Ministry.

The exercises will last from the 17th to the 20th of August, the Ministry said that they planned the training of the armed forces.

“On military sites and certain areas will be a series of tactical exercises with batteries jet division with the nomination for the area near Astravets, polygons “Gozhsky” and “Neman”. Units of missile troops and artillery will perform the task of intercession on alert assigned to the objects (purposes)”, – stated in the message.

The press service added that units of anti-aircraft missile regiments already moved to designated areas and “atonement for combat duty in air defense in the protection of the state border of the Republic of Belarus in the airspace”.

“Also during this period on grounds of the “Obuz-lesnovskiy” and “Gozhsky” will be held routine military training with combat firing with separate tank and mechanized battalions of the 6-th and 11-th separate mechanized brigades. Currently, troops occupied the districts of exercises on the ranges and terrain, complete their fortification and equipment are in readiness to perform combat training tasks,” – said the Ministry of defence.

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka on August 16 said that the neighboring countries are increasing their military power.

“For the window view: tanks and planes on takeoff in 15 minutes from our borders. And it’s not in vain! NATO troops treads clanging at the gate. There is a military buildup on the Western borders of our country: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland,” – said Lukashenko.

NATO rejected the accusations.

In Belarus from 9 August after the announcement of the provisional results of the presidential election protests. The participants called for the resignation of Lukashenko, honest elections and the trial of the law enforcers, brutally beating people.