Became known, the future of the Akkerman fortress

For 2018 has already planned the work on the compilation of accurate maps and site plans, determination of its condition and the various factors that affect the preservation of the building

Akkerman fortress. Workers reinforce the North wall. Photo: facebook.com

Regional officials want to ensure that the Akkerman fortress located in Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi, included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. So, in the next two years, officials are going to prepare and submit the appropriate application, as well as to consider the project of museumification. For 2018 has already planned the work on the compilation of accurate maps and site plans, determination of its condition and the various factors that affect the preservation of the building.

“A lot of work ahead and a short time. But this work needs to begin, and we have identified the primary activities, which step by step will bring Akkerman fortress for inclusion in the world heritage list of UNESCO”, — said the Deputy Governor Svetlana Shatalova. By the way, in addition to the fortress, I want to tell the world about the ancient Greek city of tyre, the ruins of which stands the stronghold.

Historians continue to sound the alarm about the fact that the ancient fortress gradually destroyed, and its North wall will slide into the Dniester estuary. “Alas, half a century nothing was done to stop this process. Contractors who had to work, too, not really tried. Only an ultimatum to change the contractor’s dramatically revived the work on this project”, — said earlier the Governor Maksym Stepanov, expressing hope that before the end of December, workers will complete the high priority emergency work on the North wall.

Earlier it was reported that the Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy fortress continues to crumble, the officials checked the emergency work.

Recall that the historians fear for the safety of one of the main attractions of the South of Ukraine — the ancient Akkerman fortress in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. The alarm was raised in Odessa historian Andrew Krasnozhon, who has been exploring the fortress. “The contractor welded the frame for the three buttresses (structures designed to strengthen a bearing wall. — Ed.). Aside from the welded frames lives his life saped slope wall under the recent fall (collapse. — Ed.) the rock went for the gap in the adjacent modern wall characteristic and a very large comparative indicators crack”, — said the scientist on his page in the social network.

Meanwhile, the contractor claims that everything is in order. “We are working in normal mode, waiting for funding that was promised by the end of may”, — assured us the head of the firm-contractor Arsen gevondyan.

The problem of the destruction of the towers of the fortress from the estuary has been relevant for the first century, says acting Director of the KP “fortress” Alexander Morozov. Repairs began in September of 2016, but this spring established a new emergency. “In March of this year, there was a collapse. Gathered in an emergency meeting, drafted as extra buttresses,” explained Morozov.

In 2016, the work managed to master up to one million of the seven allocated by the regional budget. This year the regional Council, only re-directed to the needs of the fortress, not spent in 2016, the money. “Tomorrow we will be meeting at the Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy fortress with MPs, experts and workers to discuss and repair, as well as economic and scientific issues”, — told in a regional Council.

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