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Set dose can protect against COVID-19.

Scientists of the company Moderna feared that the drug against the coronavirus can lead to more serious disease. However, tests on mice have shown that this is not happening and even one dose can protect you from COVID-19, report on the portal bioRxiv.

What drug can cause a more severe course of the disease, the company experts called the main obstacle for safe testing of the vaccine on a large number of people. As an example, scientists gave test vaccine against the SARS virus, which is a close relative of the current and coronavirus causes SARS. Then it was found that the preparations against him could lead to a more severe course of the disease, especially in people with a weakened immune system when vaccinated and subsequently exposed to the pathogen.

In the new study, the researchers injected mice with a drug one or two times, including doses that are considered not strong enough to induce a protective immune response. Then the animal was exposed to the virus. The test showed that subprojective doses does not lead to a more severe course of the disease, and protect against the virus may even one dose. At the same time, this does not mean that the same results will be obtained in human studies.

We will remind, according to trump, to eight companies in the United States are developing vaccines and drugs against coronavirus.

“In fact, we are ready to act in regard to issues of transport and logistics. In relation to drugs we are all great”, he said.