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In Ukraine will change dramatically the dollar: analyst forecast for a week

After a few days, forecast in “Alpari”, a rate of national currency against the U.S. can be established at the level of 25.2 hryvnia to the dollar What will happen to the dollar in Ukraine. Photo: archive In Ukraine, the continuing strengthening of the hryvnia. In different segments of the currency market the dollar last […]

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The mother of two children has spent 13 thousand dollars to become like a sex doll

31-year-old Cindy had a boob job, increase hair three times in a month put silicone in the lips The Briton during the year visited plastic surgeon and a gym, as well as sitting on a hard diet. Photo: SWNS A mother of two children Cindy Moore spent about 10 thousand pounds (about 13 thousand dollars) […]

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In Lviv Hill of Glory, the unknown damaged a tombstone

With one of the commemorative plates were stolen metal letters and numbers At the scene. Photo: Netspace In Lviv Hill of Glory, the vandals ruined one of the memorable tombs. Information about the incident was reported to the police on August 21. “Around 10.55, we were informed that one of the plaques on the headstone […]

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Motorola has patented samoklejushchiesja screen

In a new patent experts described the Motorola screen, which provides a layer of polymer with shape memory Motorola Mobility. Photo: USPTO Motorola Mobility. Photo: USPTO Motorola Mobility. Photo: USPTO Motorola has patented a screen for mobile devices, which is able to recover itself when damaged. Patent noticed the portal the Verge, – N+1. Broken […]

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Japanese game show of the future

The developer has provided demo version of the game where stealth is the main feature Screen video A programmer from Japan has revealed the first test optical camouflage characters for future games in augmented reality, – TJ. While looking through a normal chamber you can see the almost invisible silhouette, but if you include a […]

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A porn site has offered the Wachowski sisters to sponsor the “Eighth sense”

It’s the story of eight people from different parts of the world who suddenly find themselves linked to each other mentally and emotionally Shot from a film “the Eighth sense” Vice President site xHamster Alex Hawkins wrote Wachowski sisters an open letter with a proposal to sponsor the shooting of the third season of the […]

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What factors affect insomnia

Sleep problems are quite common among women   Hormonal changes during menstruation or menopause destructively affect the quality of sleep. Photo: med-advisor.ru Are you aware that age, gender and certain health problems can increase the risk of insomnia? Experts in the field of treatment of this disorder from Italy called risk factors that can deprive […]

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Tymchuk reported a double burden on intelligence agencies of Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence agencies should take strict measures to prevent provocations Dmitry Tymchuk. Photo: Facebook The head of group “Information resistance”, MP Dmitry Tymchuk believes that today the Ukrainian security services to prevent sabotage and terrorist attacks from the Russian side complicated due to the “skepticism of the Ukrainian society” and the widespread belief that the […]

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Putin appointed Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs new Ambassador in USA

President Vladimir Putin has appointed diplomat Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in the United States. This is stated in the message on the Kremlin website. Photo: Reuters Antonov also got the position of permanent observer to the UN in Washington, where he will work. The other two decrees Putin dismissed Sergei Kislyak […]

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Trump signed a new strategy for Afghanistan – media

Trump will deliver an address on Afghanistan Photo: EPA The President of the United States Donald trump signed a document on a new strategy for Afghanistan. About that Fox News channel reported, citing a senior official. According to the initiative, Afghanistan will add 4 thousand American troops. Such plans trump will tell during a speech […]

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