As a result of fires in Australia killed thousands of animals

Photo: EPA

The Ministry of Finance of Australia will provide $34.5 million for the rehabilitation of wildlife after wildfires, wrote in his Twitter the head of Department Josh Frydenberg.

“Today we announced an initial contribution of 50 million [Australian dollars] to support immediate work on the protection of wildlife after the forest fires,” – said Freidenberg.

According to him, over measures to restore wildlife to work “coalition” of experts.

Great to be at @HospitalKoala in Port Macquarie with @sussanley & @PatConaghanMP.

Today we announced an initial * 50m investment to support the immediate work to protect wildlife after the #bushfires & partner with a coalition of groups to plan the recovery & restoration effort.

— Josh Frydenberg (@JoshFrydenberg) January 13, 2020

The Australian channel News 12 January reported that as a result of forest fires in the country have killed 28 people, burned down about 2 thousand houses, burned about 6 million hectares of land.

Large-scale forest fires in Australia began in mid-September, 2019. Has killed thousands of animals. Under the endangerment of some species of rare plants. To extinguish fires mobilized about 3 thousand reservists.