Program SpaceX Elon musk has breathed into the world of the space program new life.

As the launch of “the Dragon” will affect the future of space exploration?

Program SpaceX Elon musk has breathed into the world of the space program new life.

The program is SpaceX’s Elon musk and the launch of the spacecraft “dragon” can breathe in the world of the space program new life. The industry may again become attractive for investors and to start to flourish.

In space there are two fundamental areas of space exploration, automatic vehicles and manned vehicles.

First safer, cheaper and easier – the robot does not need oxygen, water, food and livelihoods. The second attracts people’s attention, excites them, makes with bated breath to watch the start of the rocket.

However, this happens less and less – until the launch of the “Falcon” had a lot of routine flights to the ISS, which not become such a media event.

Russian service of the BBC turned to the experts with a question – do the mission “the Dragon” interest in space flight people?

Vadim Lukashevich, an independent space expert

First, Musk realized that the American dream when a regular guy just was so new [Sergei] Korolev. He brought just these chips and the bells and whistles. He made it clear to everyone. People were looking at convertible in space and went mad. Lovers [musician David] Bowie… And no one asked “why the heck?”

When you look at a beautiful picture, you don’t ask this question. You like and you’re just thrilled. He came from the other side. He made the space program a truly beautiful, clear to everyone. Found this key.

When people ask me, why do we need ISS? Well, in fact, why? What are they doing there, winding the coils around the Earth? We don’t understand. Practical problems there, but those that are, are solved by machines. There people do not need.

But here is the dream. When Gagarin flew, people took to the streets. Because this was a dramatic leap forward. And then, in the 1960-ies, there was a rise, there was an understanding that “Mars will be Apple blossom,” and “on the dusty paths of far planets remain our footprints”, that is your, my.

We understand that it is all here tomorrow. And when the orbital station “Salyut 1” we, as saying: “we must learn to live in space.” And it will allow us to the moon, to Mars, to fly. Space station – an intermediate stage before the deep space.

And how is it that we are in this interim stage came down from the porch of his house, brought the foot, and how many decades this raised foot, so the space was uninteresting. It doesn’t go anywhere. Earth these things do not lead anywhere.

We lost the dream, and her Mask returned. He showed that space can be attractive, arouse interest, and where interest is, there are possible investments. What is a flying “Dragon”? We are now seeing the flight of the new space, which again has a purpose.

I always cite this example. Here, take the aircraft there are passenger aircraft, transport, military transport, military… and Military transport is the government. And the traders – it’s just the airlines, DHL and all sorts of “Volga-Dnepr”. And map the volume of traffic. State aviation remains – the emergencies Ministry, defense Ministry… But the main volume of transported goods are private!

You can make a good bomber, to invest a shitload of money, and the Ministry of defense will buy a hundred pieces. And you can make a good commercial airplane and sell it by the thousands. It will fly for 30 years and for 18 hours a day. And a lot of flies bomber?

Roscosmos does not understand. We don’t need to build super-heavy rocket and a new spacecraft to the moon. We are already late. We are now able to catch up, only if you remove the monopoly of the Russian space Agency and will continue to create efforts for private owners.

Ivan Moiseev, head of the space policy Institute

The Mask has many supporters in Russia, including. But opponents enough. The scenario is something like this: who is just an engineer, he welcomes the Mask, and the leadership in different words name-calling.

What impact it will have on manned space flight? For the us segment of the ISS is to attract new customers. Americans are struggling to withdraw your segment on self-sufficiency. They have something, but the payback is still far. The emergence of multi-ship, powerful and well highly touted allows they hope to accelerate this work.

As for our space, for us it will have no effect. The leadership of Roscosmos does not take into account external factors. The fact that over the past few years we have almost completely replaced with the global space market, and no one noticed.

We had three segments – the satellite launching to geostationary orbit by “Proton”, launching astronauts to the ISS and supply of RD-180 engines. And now the situation is what? The contract signed this month for $ 90 million per seat to the ISS last. And he Americans do not really need, just to be safe. No orders for Protons. Will single orders, but not systemic, as it was in the good times. The contract for 180-e ended, there were 181-e, but they are twice cheaper.

For Russia now the picture is pretty bleak, and running this ship – the last blow, a knife in the back, because the monopoly position of Russia in the market of launches to the ISS vengeance was used for propaganda purposes. And that’s the rhetoric dealt a powerful blow.

Financing (piloted the program in Russia – Bi-bi-si) with zero years has increased tenfold. Satellite orbital group has not changed qualitatively, but quantitatively decreased. Additional funding is thrown backward in the technology industry, does nothing.

Our ship “Federation” in its infancy […] we [the Federal space] program until 2025. And he would have to fly, but he will not fly, because so far with the missile problem that one flare to another. You can, of course, run viagratou layout, purely symbolic. But, to make the ship, this is not.

But Americans no one will catch up. They alone do more than all other countries combined.

Pavel Pushkin, head of the private space company “Kosmocar”

The manned space flight [flight after the Space Dragon] now nothing happens. The Americans completely rebuilt its capabilities in manned space flights and it is absolutely no affect on any equipment and to development. Well the Americans there may be some additional momentum.

From the point of view of private space, well, probably, Yes, someone will rise, someone wants, maybe the money will be invested, someone will want to do it. But so that everything is now ran and did something, I don’t think.

Musk just took those voids that were in the American space program. And good for you.

I do not think that manned [space exploration in Russia] who want [to invest]. The Americans were not manned. And it was clear where to invest. Was not – to do. We have a manned space program of its own, the state.

Who will invest in sober mind and sound memory in the development of a new manned system when there is a perfectly flying the old system, and it is much you will not surpass the price?

About other private companies, but it could be… Again, if there are any holes. If there are some technicians at the Russian space Agency, it probably makes sense to consider the involvement of the private owner to create this technique. But it is a question… Find another technician to this development is very hard.