As “cities of refuge” to prevent the Trump deport illegal immigrants

This week, authorities in Chicago have filed in local Federal court a lawsuit against the Minister of justice Jeff and Roman sessions.

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They are asking the court to prohibit Sesnse to deprive them of government grants as a punishment for refusing to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.

Chicago is one of the so-called “cities of refuge” (sanctuary city), which fundamentally refuse to cooperate with the feds in the fight against illegal migration.

The Chicago authorities do not convey the immigration service data on the numbers of arrested illegal immigrants or release them immediately at the end of the period not giving the Federal government time to take them into custody and deported.
Federal immigration Agency known as ICE, sending the local authorities the arrest warrant serving a term illegals to be deported and asked to hold them in custody for another 48 hours after the deadline to pick them up yourself .

Seekers, which include not only settlements, but also the whole County, and even some progressive States, the feds don’t go forward and release the illegal immigrants before arrival of staff of ICE, so that melt in the midst of the population.

Call the feds

The practice of granting asylum exists in different societies for centuries, but in the USA the present variety originated in the 1980-ies, when the U.S. border illegally passed about a million refugees from Central America, mostly from El Salvador and Guatemala, seeking refuge from repressive governments and civil wars.

The Reagan administration, which supported the struggle of these governments with leftist rebels, has described the Salvadorans and Guatemalans as “economic migrants” who are not eligible for political asylum.

Hundreds of American churches, then defied his government and granted the asylum. So there was a modern movement, the bearer of which was in 1989 with San Francisco, which declared itself a “city of refuge” and the prohibition to spend the money from the city budget for compliance with immigration laws.

His example was followed by hundreds of cities and counties of America.

Critics rumplestilskin threats trump and Roman sessions and to deprive cities of refuge grants of the Central government, noted that San Francisco spends large sums of money to shelter from the ICE of underage illegal immigrants with a criminal record, receiving annually from the Federal Treasury more than a billion dollars.

San Francisco or sends them at your expense home, or places in shelters outside the city limits.

The ideology of open borders or political calculation?

Cities of refuge put forward a number of arguments in defense of his refusal to cooperate with the feds.

They say that you do not allow the police ask the detainees questions about their residency in the United States to help the feds arrest illegals, because this undermines the trust of migrants to local police, and they cease to give her information about the offenders or did not dare to declare against them committed crimes. Yes and the police, according to them, and besides the illegals have something to do.

Besides, the authorities of the cities of refuge refer to the judges who ordered them without delay to release prisoners at the end of the term, and not to keep an additional 48 hours.

The supporters of a tough approach to irregular migrants, whose number in the United States, according to various estimates, ranges from 11 to 20 and even 30 million, retort that this argument is not backed by real data.

They believe that the authorities in these cities are run by the ideology of open borders or cynical political calculation, Recalling that the mayor of Chicago, liberal Democrat Rahm Emmanuel in the past has been an ardent advocate of the fight against illegal migration.

His critics got hold of a memo that Emmanuel sent in 1995, his then-chief bill Clinton. The author called it “a record number of deportations have broken the law migrants” and was advised to in the middle of his first term in the White house Clinton was able to declare that “a number of industries are already free from illegal immigrants.”

When many years later the new Chicago mayor became the head of the presidential administration under Barack Obama, the democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez accused of Emmanuela in that it prevents Obama to fulfill their campaign promises to the Hispanic.
Voice the latter, however, took Emmanuele when he ran for mayor of Chicago, and he abruptly changed course, becoming a staunch defender of illegal immigrants.

The fact that he is initiating a lawsuit Sesso who holds approximately the same views on illegal migration, which until recently promoted itself Emmanuel, critics of the mayor explain the fact that he is now ballotiruetsya for a third term and even more in need of the Latino vote.

Chicago is one of the so-called “cities of refuge” (sanctuary city), which fundamentally refuse to cooperate with the feds in the fight against illegal migration. Photo: Dmitry Brushko, TUT.BY

The windy city or the City of the murders?

Critics of the mayor say he is also trying to divert the attention of Chicago from the pressing problems of the windy City, as Chicago is called, the main of which they consider to be an unprecedented number of assassinations: more than 400 people this year alone. This is more than in new York and Los Angeles combined.

The head of the justice Ministry sessions reacted sharply to the claim, stating that “the political leadership of Chicago consciously and deliberately is a course that is sabotaging legal immigration system of our country.”

“In my opinion, the cities of refuge are set up the anti-American,” — said recently the head of the ICE, Thomas Homan, listing Chicago, new York, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

It is considered that in the USA more than 300 jurisdictions that have declared themselves sanctuaries.
“Over the past year, I read a bunch of articles stating that the number of murders in Chicago skyrocketed — continued Homan. — The President is trying to help the city. We have developed rough activity. But Chicago does everything possible for themselves by reducing criminal activities? I say not doing.”

“I say, what doesn’t, because if you are an illegal migrant and you were arrested in the US for a crime and you are sitting in Chicago, my men will not be allowed in jail. They do not respond to our orders. They do not share information with us”, — explained the head of ICE.
“We always welcome people from all over the world who believe in the American dream,” said mayor Emmanuel, when he was asked to comment on the reaction and Roman sessions on lawsuit Chicago.

Who will win?

Judicial prospects of the claim unclear.

After President trump said in late January that would deprive cities of refuge Federal grants, this initiative, like many others, has faced resistance from the courts.

As recently as this Wednesday a Texas Federal judge without explanation refused to recognize unconstitutional a new state law on measures against illegal migration, which will enter into force in September.

The law, which in may was pushed through the Senate Tahosa the local Republicans, provides for prison sentences for sheriffs and police chiefs who refuse to contribute to the immigration authorities.

It also allows police to check if the detainee’s residence.
After adoption of law Texas authorities have filed a lawsuit against a number of major cities such as state capital, Austin, El Paso and Houston, as well as several human rights organizations, accusing them of incitement to refusal to contribute immigrationlaw Agency in the fight against illegal immigrants.

The defendants told the court that adopted in may the law can turn Texas into a police state and enter the illegal inspection and detention on the street on racial grounds.

According to critics, the most controversial city of refuge in the country is San Francisco. Photo: Dmitry Brushko, TUT.BY

“Most odious” — San Francisco

According to critics, the most controversial city of refuge in the country is San Francisco, where on a Sunny day on 1 July 2015 at the local pier was killed walking there with my father 32-year-old Kate Steinle.

The suspect is an illegal migrant with seven convictions of Juan Francisco lópez sánchez, who has spent in American prisons, a total of 15 years and was deported five times, but always returned to the USA via leaky southern border.

A few months before the murder Stainle he was once again released from prison after the local Sheriff, following the orders of the city authorities ignored a Federal warrant for the arrest of Lopez-Sanchez, and did not wait for him to arrive the staff of ICE.

Recently, the house of representatives adopted the so-called “Law Kate Steinle”, predusmatrivaet more serious punishment for illegal return to the United States after deportation.

A few months after her death, San Francisco police arrested another illegal immigrant, Pedro Figueroa-Sarceno. Mindful of the fate Steinle, the police violated the covenants of the fathers of the city and gave Figueroa-Sarceno the feds, who were going to deport him to El Salvador.

In January, he sued the authorities of San Francisco, which, according to him, violated his own law on asylum and treated him unfairly. In late June, the city gave Figueroa-Sarceno world a deal in which agreed to pay him compensation of 190 thousand dollars.

Now he can fully devote himself to the struggle against the impending deportation.
Although many asylum declared war on the attempts of the current administration to force them to comply with immigration laws, one of them felt it best to capitulate to the trump and Sessom.

Is a County in Florida Miami-Dade County, including the city. On August 4, the mayor, a Cuban emigre Carlos Jimenez, received a letter from the justice Ministry, telling him that Washington sees no reason to deny the County a Federal grant of 480 thousand dollars, as it complies with immigration laws.

In 2013, the County decided not to assist the feds in the arrests of illegal immigrants, but soon after trump had settled in the White house and threatened to deny safe havens in grants, Jimenez abruptly changed course and Miami-Dade County started issuing ICE of illegal immigrants due to deportation.

Defenders of illegal immigrants accused the mayor of treason to its immigrant heritage.

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