The algorithm has already been given several test cases.

Ludwig van Beethoven did not finish his 10th Symphony was left of it, bits and pieces. But artificial intelligence can finish the work, according to scientists, writes the magazine “the Knife”.

On the project for several months, a team of composers, musicians and IT-specialists. First, the algorithm that they have created, and analyzed all the works of Beethoven. Then AI is given fragments of a 10th Symphony that he was able to add its missing parts based on everything else.

The algorithm has even issued a few trial versions, but the music was too “computer”, the researchers say. The Symphony will be ready by April 2020, the 250th anniversary of the birth of the composer.

This is not the first time the 10th Symphony is trying to recover. Scholar of Beethoven Barry Cooper, who found the outline of a work, published his own version of the melody, but critics did not appreciate it. Scientists hope that the AI will cope better than a man.