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In the Federal court of Connecticut in Bridgeport on March 14 refused approved a Grand jury indictment and pleaded guilty to fraud 44-year-old citizen of Russia and the USA Yelena Ilizarov, Manager of the dental clinic Advanced Dentistry in Stamford.

“I understand that you are charged with one or more offence punishable with imprisonment for a term of more than one year, says this refusal, signed by Ilizarov and her lawyer Paul Meconella March 13. In open court I explained my rights and the essence of the charges. After hearing this, I waive the right to a trial on indictment (Indictment) and agree to the court for a brief charge (Information)”. The crime, which she admitted, threatens her with imprisonment for the term up to 20 years date of sentence is not appointed yet.

More than a million dollars under false accounts

Ilizarov confirmed judge Victor Bolden that stole the personal data of the elderly patient and the dentist a pensioner and his name was submitted to private health insurance companies bills for treatment that never happened. From the documents of her case shows that Yelena Ilizarov doing it from 2005 to 2011, referring to the insurance company account on behalf of the doctor who about it knew nothing. In this dentist called the initials “D. T. M.” , and on the day of the arrest of Ilizarova 21 June 2016 Federal Prosecutor in Connecticut Deirdre Daly said that “the alleged Scam did the victims of the retired dentist, who stole personal data, and various insurance companies, which paid over a million dollars in false bills.” As a rule, in cases of fraud the health insurance companies along with the doctors and managers appear patients which profit from the Scam and lose money, the insurers, but in Elizarovo about patients clinic of Advanced Dentistry has no words, as if they had never existed.

Although Yelena Ilizarov worked at Advanced Dentistry Manager and his business card listed as such on the website it was named by a licensed dentist, “Dr. Ilizarov”, and on the website of the newspaper the Houston Chronicle “the owner of the dental clinic”. From the case Elizarova shows that from 2011 to 2015, the insurance company “Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company” (BCBS), “Cigna”, “Metlife”, “Benevis”and “Guardian Insurance”, as well as offices of the company “Delta Dental” in Arizona, Wisconsin plates going, California, Kentucky, Michigan and Rhode island paid the clinic of Advanced Dentistry under false accounts dentist D. T. M. 581 729 dollars. This amount of the company presented to the tax service IRS 1099 as income D. T. M., which demanded the payment of tax. In 2015-2016 the Ilizarov has restored the license of D. T. M. in Connecticut and the right to work with controlled substances, paying for registration with their personal credit card. For several years, she insured the clinic in the name of D. T. M., which was no longer there.

Requesting 20 June 2016 and a warrant for the arrest of Elena Elizarova, Federal investigator Gary Sanford the 14-page affidavit laid out the essence of the case. As expected, in the beginning he said that working in the Bureau since 1998, and during that time investigated complex cases involving corruption, organized crime, securities fraud and other crimes “white collar”. About doctor D. T. M. an investigator of the FBI, Sanford announced that he is suffering from senile dementia and gets help under Medicare. According to members of his family in the early 1960-ies of the D. T. M. graduated from the dental Department of Georgetown University and two years served a dentist in the air force, then settled in Connecticut and was licensed in this state. In 1983 he suffered a heart attack and 9 years, and then was a dentist in several prisons of the state. Private patients after a heart attack he did not take, and about his work in Advanced Dentistry, the affidavit does not mention. In early 2011 he retired, in 2012 he was diagnosed with dementia in 2013, Alzheimer, and currently D. T. M. lives in a nursing home in new Hampshire.

The clinic worked dead souls dentists

In 2015, the Department of consumer protection (Department of Consumer Protection) of Connecticut said the family of D. T. M., he, as a practicing dentist, applied for permission to work with controlled substances used for anesthesia. March 30, 2015 the Federal tax service the IRS informed the D. T. M. that he has not paid 124 754 dollar of tax for income derived from the above-mentioned insurance companies. These revenues, according to the IRS, from 2005 to 2014 amounted to a total of 1 774 $ 366. Relatives of the doddering old man told FBI agents that the 2011 D. T. M. has received such notice of taxes for 2010 and 2011, that is, he has become a victim of fraud. Stravodimos, they called the insurance company “Delta Dental” in new Hampshire, where they were informed that the accounts from “Dr. D. T. M.” came back from the clinic Advanced Dentistry in Stamford, Connecticut. Further inspection found that the house No. 999 summer street such medical are two companies – “Advanced Dentistry MI, LLC” and “Advanced Dentistry Management, LLC”. The second was filed on 9 February 2001 in the name of Elena Elizarova, and the first on 9 March 1998 in the name of Michael Elisarova, and FBI agents believe the letter “t” in his last name printed typo, and Michael is a relative of Helen, who was a licensed dentist.

In August 2015 on the website FBI investigators found the clinic, Advanced Dentistry, dentists which were Michael Ilizarov, Evgeny Oleynik, Joseph Aronov and D. T. M., whose name in the course of the investigation it was removed. As it turned out, Ilizarov died in June 2000, and Oleinik in February 2015. Dentist Aronov practices in new York at the Brooklyn district Bayside clinic on 42 street, and his license dentist in Connecticut operated from 2006 to 2015, and for the extension it is not addressed. Former dentist D. T. M. living out their days in a nursing home, that is owned by Elena Elizarova clinic Advanced Dentistry was represented by two dummy and two dead souls dental. After this, at about 10 a.m. September 15, 2015, FBI agents visited the clinic on summer street in Stamford and came across a locked door, over which was a camcorder. Behind the door was heard a female voice, and as he wrote in the affidavit, agent Gary Sanford, “at the sound of a female Caucasian (i.e. white – A. G.) race, like Helena Ilizarov”. The woman had the Manager of the clinic and gave agents his business card in that name and title. Agents noted that patients in the waiting room did not have all the room inspection was empty and not lit, and Elena Ilizarov was the only one who was there.

To freedom with the security guard on the leg

Registering your clinic in 1998 and 2001, Helen and her cousin Michael pointed out the place of residence house No. 90 partridge road, Stamford, Connecticut, which belonged to Michael Ilizarov and where, as pointed out in the affidavit, the investigator Sanford, “Yelena Ilizarov was able to live from 1998 to 2001”. However, on the day of her arrest on 21 June 2015 she lived there in a house with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a living area of nearly 6 thousand square feet. According to real estate agencies, this house was purchased in 1989 for 550 thousand dollars, and now worth twice as much. According to the same data, it is home to 44-year-old Yelena Ilizarov, her 61-year-old husband Ilya Shustarovich, 24-year-old Lazarus Ilizarov, and all the house accommodates 14 people. From the same sources it is known that in 2002 the Ilizarov Elena and Ilya Shustarovich bought for 923 $ 300 apartment condominium with two bedrooms on the 44th floor of the 72-storey skyscraper, Trump World Tower in Manhattan on United Nations Plaza, but rather on First Avenue between 47 and 48 street, near the headquarters of the United Nations. A mortgage for the purchase of a condominium they got in the Bank Washington Mutual.

After his arrest on June 21 of last year Elena Ilizarov was released on bail of half a million dollars, which was provided by her family in Stamford, apartment-style condominium at Trump World Tower and condominium on prestigious Collins Avenue in Miami. Mortgage commitment signed Ilya Shustarovich, Lazarus Ilizarov and Ilizarov Adam, and the document noted that the Bank mortgages on all three of the property until paid. Under the terms of the release of Yelena Ilizarov pledged not to leave the house from 4 o’clock to 10 o’clock in the morning and wear electronic ankle bracelet is a Keeper. Without the permission of the inspector Yelena Ilizarov has no right to transfer money or other assets worth more than a thousand dollars.

She passed the American and Russian passports, pledging not to obtain any new passport. It is forbidden to have any weapons to cross the border of Connecticut without the court’s permission. This permit was received on August 24, last year, when Elena and her attorney Paul McConnell asked the judge to provide Elizarovo the opportunity to go to Brooklyn on the day of birth of people living there, mother. Ilizarov has pledged 25 August to leave the house in Stamford not before 12 noon and return late at 10 PM, inform the Supervisory service on August 26. If the judge Victor Bolden would show the same humanism in a sentence, it can only be welcomed, although, as he was taught, “dura lex, sed lex”. The law is harsh, but it is the law.