Angela Merkel wants to remain Chancellor of Germany until 2021

Angela Merkel intends to remain Chancellor and CDU leader until the next election. Despite the departure of Martin Schulz as Chairman of the SPD, she sees him in the new government.

Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz. Photo: Reuters

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) has denied speculation about his possible departure from the post of the Federal Chancellor before the next parliamentary elections in 2021. If ordinary members of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) will vote for the creation of a coalition government with the CDU/CSU, she intends to remain head of government until the end of the legislature period, said the Chancellor on Sunday, February 11, in the program of the German TV channel ZDF “Berlin direkt”.

“I am one of those people who keep their promises,” — said Merkel. In that case, if the SPD will vote against the “Grand coalition”, the German Chancellor did not rule out the possibility of new parliamentary elections. However, she noted that it intends to remain at the head of the CDU, and did not agree with the statements about the loss of his authority within the party.

The refusal of the CDU of the Ministry of Finance: “Painful, but necessary”

The decision to concede to the social Democrats during the coalition negotiations, the Ministry of Finance, which traditionally is headed by a representative of the CDU, was for Angela Merkel “painful,” but, in her opinion, was “understandable”. Otherwise, she explained, negotiations with the SPD on the formation of a government coalition would have gone to the stalled or ended inconclusively.

The refusal of the Ministry of Finance is the price of the CDU for the creation of a new government, said Merkel and participated in the negotiations of the leaders of the Christian Democrats, the decision was “extremely conscious”. Ultimately, she concluded, that the Chancellor is responsible for the creation of a new government.

Merkel sees Schultz in the new government

According to Angela Merkel, the Christian Democrats will announce the names of his Ministers in the new government till the party Congress, scheduled for February 26. At this meeting the party leadership will have to vote for the creation of a “Grand coalition”.

On the question of the future of the former leader of the social Democrats Martin Schulz (Martin Schulz) in the next government, Angela Merkel stressed that his departure from the post of head of the SPD in no way affected reached during the coalition negotiations the agreement that he would have to lead one of the ministries. “For me it resolved the issue,” — said Merkel.

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