An immigrant from Latvia, pleaded guilty in the death of her fiancé-American

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Last week the court of new York County of orange in the town of Goshen after two years ‘ deliberation, the 37-year-old Angelica Grosvald pleaded guilty to the crime of causing death by negligence.

Angelica Grosvald with the groom

Arrested in April 2015, a Latvian citizen of Russian origin Groswald, nee Lipsky, was accused of murdering 46-year-old groom-American Vincent Biafore, which is April 19, 2015 sailed on single kayaks-kayak on the Hudson river near Bannerman’s island, 50 miles from new York city. Kayak Vincent was filled with water and sank with him, and kayak Ageliki turned over, pulled it ashore, and she called the police 911. “Oh, God,’ she said to the Manager – I’m in a red kayak, and he fell, and I could not swim for it. Could not come to him. It’ll take me farther and farther away. It is sinking. Please, call someone. He’s holding something, but it gets very bad. The waves are very strong, I can still see his head.” A conversation with the Manager lasted 15 minutes, creating the impression that Angelica still sees Vincent, and ended it with the words: “I Think he sank it to save.” However, it was later established that she called 20 minutes later after he appeared on the shore, and then she was taken to a local hospital where he was examined in connection with possible hypothermia.

Jennifer novel, the coroner of the County of orange has determined that the death of Vincent Biafore was the result of immersion under water, but the “dive” called murder. Angelica Grosswald insisted that he could not help groom, and the investigation proved that the athlete and an excellent swimmer Biafore couldn’t drown without her help, even in the cold water of the Hudson and Angelica deliberately killed the groom, pulling out of the bottom of his kayak drain plug to get 250 thousand dollars, which Vincent had a life insurance policy in her favor. Tube found in her car, and admitting guilt of 24 July 2017, Angelica confirmed judge Robert Trijillo that pulled her, knowing where this may lead, but preventing the death of your beloved groom. Her lawyer Richard Portal claimed that at the police interview, which lasted 11 hours, it gave a “forced” readings, as between her and the detectives was a “language barrier” as a required question, if Angelica her rights under the Miranda Law, she answered with a question: “who is Miranda”.

The video of this interrogation later fell into the possession of CBS and partially appeared in the program “48 hours”, and the channel ABC showed it in the program “20-20”. “All right,’ said detective Angelica English- I will make a… statement.” – “What?” asks the detective. “I wanted him dead, and now he is ready. And that makes me feel good – meets Angelica, sitting at a wooden table in a long skirt and white t-shirt. “Why you wanted him dead, how to explain it?” asked the other detective. “I wanted to be free,” answers Angelica. “And you feel better that it happened? He’s dead?” – ask her. “Yes,” she says. At the same interrogation Angelica Grosswald said that Vincent Viafara was a man cranky, and in particular sexual pervert and demanded that they had group sex where she “was” ready. In the program “20-20” reported that in the course of the eleventh-hour police interview Angelica did yoga exercise not to overdo it. Invited to the program “48 hours” expert interrogator, a former detective of the Washington police, called for the recognition of Angelica questionable, since the detectives explicitly asked her leading questions, seeking relevant answers. For example, on the drain tube in the bottom of the kayak the detective asked Angelica, “When you pulled her on Sunday?”, and she said, “I didn’t get it out on Sunday, she had someone pulled out.” This tube was subjected to scrutiny, and Richard Portal, attorney Angelica claimed that this tube is too small, and the drain hole is too high to be relevant to the death Biafore.

The body of Vincent Biafore caught in the Hudson from the Military Academy of West point about a month later, on may 23, 2015, but Angelica Grosvald arrested before, 10 days after the tragedy. By this time, witnesses confirmed that she flipped his kayak, and Vincent, which was not a life vest, floundered in the water, and the bride shoved him floating next to the paddle and 10 minutes later he disappeared under the water. Later Angelica told detectives that after the death of her fiancé felt relieved and “it’s good that he died.” In a press release the district Prosecutor’s office in may said that Angelica Griswald “allegedly pushed his paddle when he tried to stay on the surface of the water at the temperature of 40 degrees, and refused to assist him, including the timely call for help”. Direct evidence that Angelica Griswold deliberately drowned Vincent Biafore, the Prosecutor’s office was not, but the circumstantial was enough for the Grand jury referred the case to court, accusing her of intentional and unintentional murder in the second degree. One of the first meetings of the court, the Prosecutor, Julie moll stated that the former ballerina and waitress Groswald was on the financial rocks and decided to dump the groom, seeing salvation only in the amount by which Vincent Biafore life insurance in her favor. May 14, 2015, judge Robert Freehill on the insistence of the Prosecutor appointed for the liberation of Angelica, a Deposit of $ 3 million or 9 million in cash, real estate, in fact, left her in custody in the orange County jail in Goshen.

In prison Angelica Grosvald-Lipsky was not discouraged, and in September 2015 a woman who was several times there on a date with a relative, told the reporter for the New York Post that she saw Angelique. According to her, Latvian “does not look like grieving for a loved one and not at all sad, though perhaps she is not quite herself.” On mother’s Day, Angelica congratulated all who come to prison mothers, and one time someone overheard she enthusiastically told me that tonight they will be fed, chicken, and looked almost happy.

As it was established, Angelica Lipsky came to the U.S. in August 2000, came to Connecticut to work as a nanny for a year, but then left and changed occupations, in particular, working as a dancer and waitress. Lipsky married an American by the name of Griswald, whom he divorced in 2009, leaving her husband’s name, and the last time I lived in Connecticut. In 2013, she met with the Manager of the construction company Vincent Biafore, who lived in the village of Poughkeepsie. Both twice before was marriage. Her ex-boyfriend, DJ Mike Colvin, with whom she lived from November 2008 until June 2010, called Angelica “happy, joyous ball-Buster with a darker shade”, but noted that while she has never shown a propensity for violence. According to him, Angelica Grosvald could appear among strangers and leave knowing everyone’s names. Mike Colvin noted that Angelica did not like the discipline and the work often missed the production meeting, from which it was fired.

Another defense witness, a professional musician from Boston Sean von Klaus, who knew Angelica Grosvald childhood in Latvia as Anya Lipsky, announced that she and Vincent Biafore always seemed a happy couple, loved spending time outdoors and especially on the water and were going to get married somewhere in the Baltic States. “They were in love, sang, danced and hugged, said von Klaus. – And were always together.” He saw Angelica the day before the arrest, when friends gathered in a bar to remember Vincent. Angelica brought back a poster with his photos and asked von Claus to play the melody of the song Shama Lama Ding Dong, then they sang Hotel California, and she asked him the rest of the evening playing alone. On the same day, and it was a month after the tragic death of her beloved fiancé, Angelica Grosvald sent to friends in the social network video clip as she rides with a friend in Cornwall Yacht Club. “What a beautiful day, – tells Anzhelika and looks at the clock on the dashboard of the car. Nine twenty-two a.m., the time when we met.”

The jury, after several transfers was to begin in August, but in July, prosecutors offered to Angelica and her lawyer compromise. “Admitting guilt, – said on this occasion, the assistant County Prosecutor David Hoovler, – the defendant admits that the death of Vincent Biafore was not just a tragic accident, but the result of criminal conduct of the defendant”. Under the terms of the recognition she agreed to imprisonment for a term from 16 months to 4 years, and the judge Freehill prescribed sentence on November 1. “I want to spend the rest of his life in prison where she belongs, stated Suzanne Biafore, mother of the late Vincent. – That she never hugged her mother, sister or friends if they have it left.” The Prosecutor of Howler told a reporter that the decision to reduce the punishment for Angelica prosecutors consulted with the victim’s family. As the lawyer said Portal, subject to the 27 months that Angelica has already spent behind bars, it should be released before the end of the year, followed by deportation, but she’ll be back home.