States should act on the basis of physical and complex maneuver, I’m sure Andrew Lewis

Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis / Photo:

The commander of the Second fleet of the naval forces of the United States, Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis believes that NATO can crush Russia in the occupied Crimea and the Kaliningrad region. On it informs the British edition of the publication Business Insider.

“If you do not go into details about which I cannot speak, I am sure that we can act in the blocking of access. I know that our aircraft carriers. I know that our ground forces. We have a clear method. It is based on physics, complex maneuver; we know how to be quiet when noise is not necessary, and can speak when necessary”, — said the military.

We will remind, earlier Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis at a ceremony in Norfolk (Virginia) dedicated to the restoration of the second fleet of the US Navy stated that its goal of “building the fleet, ready to fight to the States did not have to do this.”

And the chief of staff of U.S. Navy Admiral John Richardson noticed that the revival of the second fleet should not be seen as the desire of the US to clash with Russia.

Also recall that in 2015, the year Andrew Lewis headed the assault force ships (two destroyers, a cruiser and an aircraft carrier), which visited all the key points of the world, where were the us operations – sea, land and air. She passed through the Mediterranean, the middle East and out into the Pacific ocean.

While the US has spent over 2.5 billion on the repair of one of the world’s largest warships – the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”, which is 6 thousand crew members.