Activists in South Africa, smashed the stores of the Swedish company H&M accused of racism

The leader of the “Fighters for economic freedom” Julius Malema believes that the H&M stores should be closed throughout South Africa.

Photo from H&M

Activists of the leftist party of South Africa “Fighters for economic freedom” (BES), which has the third-largest faction in Parliament, met on Saturday to protest at the stores of the Swedish company H&M accused of racism for advertising posters with a picture of a black boy in a hoodie with the words Coolest Monkey In The Jungle (“the coolest monkey in the jungle”). In the country’s capital Pretoria and the country’s largest city Johannesburg, protesters broke into the shops, by organizing the pogroms.

The police of Johannesburg was forced to intervene against the rioters with rubber bullets. According to the official representative of police of the province Gauteng Lieutenant Colonel was Lungelo Dlamini, the protesters not only caused a rout in the store, but, on this occasion, took some things with him .

In the heart of the capital Pretoria Menlyn activists BES also stormed inside the trading floor and scattered racks of clothing. According to the official representative of the local branch of the party of Benjamin Disilane, they do the closing of the store, which is considered “racist”. “We don’t want to hear from them, we demand that they closed your shop. Otherwise let them know that we come here almost every day, starting tomorrow”, — he commented on the actions of their associates.

Protests against H&M took place in other cities of the country. BES leader Julius Malema has confirmed that the party has no regrets for the actions of its members and insists on closing all of the stores in the country. “We will not tolerate that continued humiliation of black people. Throughout South Africa H&M stores should be closed because they call our children to the Park”, — he said at a meeting with his supporters in the Limpopo province.

The scandal around the poster perceived as offensive to black people, previously caused a negative reaction in social networks. A number of international celebrities, who starred previously for advertising H&M, in protest, refused to continue cooperation. Public discontent and accusations of racism forced the management of the company on 8 January to abandon the use of a controversial poster and a public apology.

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