IQOS is heating tobacco, which for several years has become popular around the world. More than 7 million smokers from different countries abandoned cigarettes and switched to IQOS.

The manufacturer of course claims and will defend their position to the last, that IQOS, compared to cigarettes, significantly reduces the amount of harmful substances and harm to health. Much more interesting to know what they say about the benefits or harm of IQOS doctors.


We have collected 10 of the most relevant questions to physicians about the impact of IQOS on health.

1. IQOS: cough, shortness of breath, respiratory disease

This is one of those items on which IQOS want to praise. Clear and fast visible result of the transition to IQOS, which is usually celebrated smokers, the disappearance of cough and shortness of breath. This is especially noticeable when playing sports or other physical activity. Why is this happening?

Since IQOS heats tobacco and doesn’t burn down in the process of using allocated aerosol containing 90-95% less harmful substances than cigarettes. Hot smoke and fumes no longer irritate the Airways, so the cough goes away.

Moreover, the aerosol IQOS contains glycerin (they impregnate the tobacco sticks to provide evaporation by heating). Glycerin is a popular ingredient in moisturizers, as well as the main component in the treatment solutions for inhalation for respiratory diseases. So that the transition from cigarettes to ICOS not only removes the irritants, but also provides additional hydration of the mucous membranes.

In addition to the obvious manifestations, IQOS also reduces the risk of respiratory diseases associated with Smoking – asthma, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Mainly this is due to the absence of aerosol hazardous combustion products – carcinogenic tars and carbon monoxide (CO).

2. Can I use IQOS quit Smoking

From a physiological point of view, to quit Smoking with the help of IQOS is impossible. Sticks for IQOS made of tobacco, and any tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive substance that is addictive. The concentration of nicotine sticks is roughly the same as normal cigarettes.

If to speak about the psychological aspect, then there are often triggered the placebo effect. Smokers, convinced that the transition to the IQOS will help them reduce the harm and eventually to give up completely, often do reduce consumption, and even throw at all. But it’s still a question of motivation and not science-based effect.


3. Why, after IQOS stomach aches

The impact of IQOS on the digestive tract is minimal. So with such a side effect may face only users with a specific set of diagnoses. People with a healthy intestine and stomach stomach pain after ICOS not threatened.

As you know, nicotine in any form (whether it’s from cigarettes, IQOS, wapow, hookah or chewing tobacco) is contraindicated in gastritis, pancreatitis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, and other similar diagnoses. Why ulcer can’t smoke?

Nicotine increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which irritates the already damaged mucosa and prevent healing of the ulcer. People with a healthy stomach temporary increase in the concentration of hydrochloric acid takes place without consequences, while patients with ulcers or gastritis can cause heartburn and acute pain.

So if you have an ulcer doctors strongly recommend to refuse from the consumption of nicotine in any form, including by IQOS. At least at the time of treatment.

4. Is there an Allergy to IQOS

Even allergic to Smoking is a quite rare phenomenon. Allergens in this case are the combustion products contained in cigarette smoke. Symptoms of allergies to cigarettes can be a cough, runny nose, rhinitis, shortness of breath.

Aerosol IQOS products of combustion no. It consists mostly of glycerol, water vapor and nicotine. Allergic reactions to glycerin by the allergists were almost never recorded. A substance is considered hypoallergenic and is even used in creams for babies.

Nicotine is the cause of allergies may be, but with very low probability. So allergic to IQOS is something akin to the collections of the “Top 10 most unusual allergies”.

If after using IQOS you notice strange symptoms, the reason probably has nothing to do with allergies. Look for a problem in another – check the stomach and blood vessels.


5. Can I use IQOS during pregnancy

No. During pregnancy, to smoke, to use ICOS or absorb nicotine in any other way is impossible. Safety regulations even forbid pregnant women to work in the tobacco factories and farms.

Via the mother’s blood nicotine gets into the bloodstream of the embryo. Adult dosage of nicotine in one cigarette is not dangerous, while the health of the unborn child it can have a detrimental effect. Even worse on the body and mother and child affected by the products of combustion from the smoke of conventional cigarettes.

Therefore encourage pregnancy to treat with the maximum responsibility, and at least this time to give up cigarettes, heat tobacco, wapow, hookahs and electronic cigarettes.

For the sake of truth, it should be noted an unusual phenomenon in obstetrics. Gynecologists always convince smokers pregnant patients to quit Smoking. But if you understand that the patient remains deaf to their arguments and intends to continue to smoke, causing harm to themselves and the fetus, it is recommended to at least switch to a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. Heating of tobacco (IQOS, glo or equivalents) at least eliminate carcinogenic tar and poisonous carbon monoxide.

6. Why IQOS sick or dizzy

Nicotine, getting into the body from cigarette smoke, aerosol IQOS, a pair of wapow or whatever, causes a sharp constriction of blood vessels. This may cause pressure rise with subsequent headaches and dizziness.

These symptoms do not always manifest themselves, and is often the result of individual sensitivity to nicotine, chronic problems with the nervous or cardiovascular systems or the special conditions of getting nicotine into the bloodstream. For example, on an empty stomach, after a sleepless night, at the time of illness, with the General weakening of the body or fatigue.

In this case, doctors advise to quit Smoking or use any electronic substitute cigarettes. And if you still intend to continue, first to remove the cause of hypersensitivity.

Although IQOS and is not completely harmless, the cause of headache, it becomes much less than cigarettes. For the reason that the aerosol IQOS virtually no carbon monoxide, which is one of the dominant components of cigarette smoke. Carbon monoxide when in contact with hemoglobin forms a stable compound kirbymorgan. Kabeloglu, especially in high concentrations, blocks the ability of erythrocytes to carry oxygen and provokes oxygen starvation of the brain. Which in turn leads to headaches.

7. Why IQOS bitter taste in the mouth

Then hasten to reassure you. Behind the feeling of bitterness after using IQOS no physiological deviations. It is solely gustatory perception buds. Where, then, does bitterness?

First, IQOS heats the tobacco. Which by nature has a tart, slightly bitter taste. But aerosol IQOS the bitterness is hardly noticeable, especially compared with the bitter smoke of cigarettes.

Secondly, the feeling of bitterness after IQOS may occur due to the fact that you have not cleaned your device. Inside of the holder ICOS may remain on the particles of tobacco and over time on the heating blade to form a coating. If you don’t clean it all in a timely manner, with repeated reheating will appear bitterness in the taste and odor. Moreover, there are even studies that show that re-heating all of these residues can lead to release of toxic substances. So don’t forget to clean out IQOS all the garbage that was left there, and be healthy.


8. As IQOS affect the teeth?

As they say in advertising: the “dental Association recommends ikos”. And this is no joke.

Probably everyone has seen the frightening pictures from rotting the roots of the teeth of the smoker. These are usually printed on cigarette packages. What and why is happening with the teeth of a smoker?

The products of combustion of tobacco and paper interact with proteins, which is produced by the salivary glands. The result is a sulphate of cadmium, which is deposited on the tooth enamel. Therefore, the teeth of smokers covered with a dark coating, which is not removed with a toothbrush and not even always professional cleaning.

In cigarette smoke contains more than 6000 different chemical substances. The most harmful of them to the teeth and gums are tar, methane, carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid. In combination with a high temperature smoke, they gradually destroy tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay, and over time – and more serious pathologies.

Aerosol IQOS products of combustion no. So when it is used on the teeth stays plaque that gradually destroys the enamel, as stated on the official website. So from the standpoint of dentistry and oral health IQOS definitely better than cigarettes.

9. As IQOS affect the potency

Potency as such, consists of three aspects – fertility (ability to procreate), libido (sexual desire) and, in fact, the potency of (the physical ability to have an erection). The first is determined by the General condition and the absence of mutations. Libido due to the hormones and the health of the endocrine system. And potency – the tone of the circulatory system.

With hormonal health Smoking correlates poorly. But the products of combustion have a direct impact on fertility, significantly impairing the quality of sperm. Aerosol IQOS products of combustion no, but the nicotine contained in the same volume as in cigarette smoke. But nicotine, as we have seen earlier, causes constriction of blood vessels, which may cause insufficient blood flow to the sex organ. But in General, this effect may be noticeable only in very very strong overdose of nicotine. And on the background of other symptoms that will accompany such an overdose, sluggish erections seem a trifle.

10. What is more harmful: cigarettes or IQOS

I think that the above clearly answers this question. If not, let’s summarize.

First, the consumption of nicotine in any form is addictive, and can be contraindicated in people with a personal intolerance, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, ulcerous diseases of the digestive tract.

Secondly, as stated, completely safe Smoking does not happen. Truly safe is not to smoke, not soar, not Wapiti, not even to breathe someone else’s smoke.

Thirdly, if you still adamantly continue Smoking, it is definitely better to go to a less harmful alternative to on its taste or IQOS electronic cigarette. With this view agrees the doctors of most countries of the world.

Official information on IQOS on the manufacturer’s website

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