The legend of the geniuses of mankind the result was bigger than himself

Loud rumors are not always true. Photo: collegemagazine

For his 76 years of life, albert Einstein managed to get in many guises – romantic poet, passionate fisherman, inventor of a very fashionable blouse and, of course, the Creator of the physical theory, which changed the physics of the twentieth century.
There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the legend of this man the result was bigger than himself. Here are 10 of the most false myths about one of the geniuses of mankind.

1. Was a bad student
Einstein’s parents were concerned that their child has not started talking to two years and could be left behind in development. However, their fears were not confirmed – Einstein graduated from high school one of the best students in the class. But where did the common myth that a genius physics went bad? Maybe it’s inattention to his biographers.
At age 15, Einstein left his school in Munich after help from the doctor, fixed his “nervous breakdown”. He entered the school of the Swiss Canton of Aargau, where for one year has changed the evaluation system. If the first term “1” is the highest rating, the second was introduced a six-point system, where a unit was the worst score possible. It so happened that in the first semester, Einstein received the physics and mathematics of the unit, and the second – six.

Future physicist also before it failed to enter the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, in fact, it was not surprising – he took the exam two years earlier than other applicants, in addition, he was required knowledge of the history of Switzerland, which he just couldn’t get to this while studying in Germany. The results of his entrance exams was very surprised by the admissions Board and professors who were willing to give him permission to attend classes, despite the age, but Einstein had already decided to study in Aargau.

2. Suffered from Asperger’s syndrome
The intelligence of Einstein could not affect him alone. It was described as rude and insensitive person and there are many school stories that prove it. Therefore, some researchers retrospectively give him the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome – a mental disorder similar to autism that affects language and cognitive skills.

However it seems that Einstein might have any difficulties in communication and social interaction with other people, as he had no other symptoms of this disease. From 1921 to 1925 he traveled four and kept a diary, which described in detail all the people met and talked. He also had a close relationship with some physicists (one of whom was Niels Bohr) and none of his buddies never talked about the difficulties in communicating with Einstein.

3. Became a vegetarian for their beliefs
In adulthood, Einstein overcame numerous digestive problems – stomach ulcer, jaundice, gall bladder inflammation, intestinal pain. Personal physician advised Einstein to abstain from meat, but over time people began to say that he chose vegetarianism for ideological reasons (apparently played a role and what Einstein called the famous vegetarian Leo Tolstoy as one of his favorite writers).

Later, Einstein admitted that largely agree with the moral foundations of vegetarianism, however, chronic diseases of the digestive system cannot be attributed to a conscious choice of physics.

4. Was responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb
Although Einstein’s contribution to physics course significantly affected the ability of the creation of the atomic bomb, the scientist himself to that process of direct have never had a relationship. Although at the time he signed the famous letter to American President Roosevelt, written by Leo Solardom, in which scientists urged to accelerate the development of the atomic bomb, to keep this issue in front of Nazi Germany.

However, Einstein was a committed pacifist and was never privy to the details of the “Manhattan project”. In his letter to the editor of a Japanese newspaper, he wrote: “I was aware of the terrible danger that threatens humanity, because it proved the experiments. But I felt the need to do this step, because there was a high probability that the Germans can work on the same project and expect success.” Einstein knew what he was talking about – the Germans really worked to create the atomic bomb, and was involved physics of the Einstein, like one of the founders of quantum mechanics, Erwin schrödinger.

5. Was left-handed
Despite the fact that Einstein’s name is constantly referred to as an example, the famous left-hander (obviously, mistakenly believing left-handedness is a sign of genius), a physicist and never was. And pencil, and violin, he always kept in his right hand, as seen in many of his photos.

6. His wife is responsible for many of his discoveries
There is no documentary evidence that the first wife of Einstein, Mileva Maric could be involved in the creation of brilliant ideas of Einstein, embodied in the famous papers of 1905. This myth is based on two facts. First, Maric was teacher of physics and mathematics and hypothetically could’ve given him something to help.

Secondly, in one of his letters to his wife in 1901, Einstein wrote: “How happy and proud I will be when we finish our work on the theory of relativity of motion to a victorious end!”. This was the only mention of the theory of relativity with the pronoun “our”. Moreover, Maric herself never wrote to Einstein on science and never told anyone that helps. Her significant intellectual contributions to the theory of relativity is nothing more than an urban legend.